Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tuesday 8 Nov 2011

I would say something in Portuguese but it takes too long to try to figure out how to type the specific letter. But if I could, I would let you know a couple words that I've figured out. I'm using so MANY flashcards its insane. My favorite word that i've learned is "chato"...which means "annoying" apparently haha. That words comes in handy some days, even multiple times during the day haha.
Ok so on Sunday, we had mission conference because it was fast sunday. Which means we got to sit in the most uncomfortable seats in the world I feel like for 2 hours. It was kind of a pain. But it was good. And then one of the speakers were talking about something or another and then asked us to look down at our feet. And said "aren't they beautiful?" I was to be honest a little weirded out by the comment. I tried to pay attention and see where he was coming from but all I could think of was, feet? beautiful? And then it made me think of Wendy :)
Also, the weeks sometimes blur together and I can't remember what I said or didn't say. Did I tell you last Sunday Sister Elaine Dalton came and spoke at our relief society? Now mind you, the relief society includes all of the sisters from all zones, districts etc. Ya I absolutely loved her talk :)
Um what else can I tell you? Oh geez, I don't even know. Nothing too exciting has happened. But I guess my Visa is coming what I hear from mom? So that's exciting...but actually really nerve racking too.

So today has been successful already. I got a package from Sara. I'm so excited to open it! And we have already done our laundry. And we went to the temple. Cool thought all of you. I was standing outside of the temple, my comp was doing something or pondering about hymns to sing or something, and I saw the stadium. And it just made me think, again, how crazy it is that we are so removed from the things of the world, when my college life was spent sometimes in the very spot where I was standing. It was crazy because we were asking one of our teachers about byu football. And I completely forgot that you actually keep track of things like that! Haha.
I want to thank alll of you again for keeping me informed. Honestly, I have so much to do, I'm not homesick. Eventually, it will probably hit me. But right now...I have too much to do! So please, keep me informed. It really helps me grip onto reality and I LOVE hearing about everything in your lives. It's weird I can't send a text or call you and know about all of your lives! Also, yes I can get pictures so send them to me because I love to brag to my friends about the people I know and love!
I pray for you all constantly and I want to make sure blessings are coming your way because I know there are so many coming my direction. I can feel Heavenly Father's love and direction constantly. I am seeing little tender mercies every day. Heavenly Father is aware of me and knows me sooo well, he knows the little things in my day that help me get through...that put a smile on my face. Also...I have NOOOOO idea why...but this dang making me so more emotional and I don't like it all...whatever...hopefully I can put a stop to tomorrow...
I love you all and I pray for you!
Sister Empey

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