Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

This is me...always running...funny, funny Sister Empey!  (nice neighborhood - very clean- Mom likes that!)
Hello!  Like always, I am running to finish this letter in the one hour mark. But oh well. Its all good.

This week was a super good week. Tuesday, we made a cake for Sister Huinao and another elder in our district. They had their birthdays this week. But the cake was super strange!!!! Super super strange. And it tasted funny. But the funny thing was that the elders... ate it all the same.

Anyways and we had the conference with Elder Godoy this week. It was super good and it was a lot of fun. It was fun to see all my friends and stuff. The night before, we had 4 extra sisters sleeping in our house. CRAZY! And the Conference was super good. Elder Godoy asked to interview me! How nerve wracking. During the interview I got all hot and sweaty really fast. Haha it was funny. But it was super cool.  I was the only sister that got interviewed.  The conference was really good and we learned a ton!

I dont know what else happened this was a pretty good week. Oh! We gave talks in the ward yesterday. Everyone loved the talks a lot! I talked about missionary work (really was there even a question) and sister huinao talked about Jesus Christ and she sang, "I know my redeemer lives" at the end. It was cool and the spirit was really strong there. Wahoo!

Also, there was a less-active family that came to church yesterday. THEY LOVED church! They said they were really happy and it was a good experience for them. They hadnt been to church in like a year! Holy cow. Really cool. The whole ward was super happy they were there too :) Good times!!!
That sister of our new convert baptism is getting baptised this weekend.  Wahoo!!!

Anyways...times up!

Love you all! Have a fabulous week!!!

-Sister Empey

[Ps:  I have to share with you this totally funny thing...I can just picture this!  Sister Empey shared a short story and pictures with me and I just have to share it with you...this is SO Katelyn!!! 
"The story of the butterfly. Ok...this butterfly was HUGEEEEEEE! With it flying, it was the length of both my hands. And I woke up one morning this week...with this thing in our house. I walked out lazily out to where I do my excercises and this black thing started flying. I got so scared (because I never saw something that big - like a butterfly). So I thought it was a bat. So I ran into our room (away from this thing) and jumped onto Sister Huinaos bed! And I covered myself with a blanket. Haha I really could not not not leave with that thing flying around....the end of the story....we both got scared and we THINK she found her own way out because we didnt have the guts to kill it or get near it...... :)"  The more we stared at this picture, we realized that Sister Empey DID find her "butterfly"!  It's a giant moth!  I would run and hide too!!!

My Zone "cleaning up" after the Conference

My District this week!

Me and Sister Marques at the Conference with Elder Godoy


Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello family and friends!
This last week we had a couple of miracles...among others. Well first of all. We had a baptism yesterday! His name is F. And he´s great. We helped him a lot this week. You know that when you dont accompany people, Satan does. So we visited him every day to get him prepped for baptism. Last Sunday he said he prayed and received an answer to his prayers that he should be baptized. So logically, we helped him to get ready :) Anyways. It was super cool. And he has a really cool personality. He is 28 years old but he looks way younger than that!  But hes great. He had a lot of difficulties this week with some people. There was a lot of people that said he shouldnt be baptised and he was making the wrong decision. But he was seriously super strong in his decision and he knew what he wanted. He wanted to be baptised! Wahoo. So obviously...we helped him with that :)
Also, we had another miracle with one of our investigators. She is super special. Her brothers were baptized a couple of weeks ago, but she was delaying it a little bit. So anyways, she said that she doesnt want to get baptized right now and everything, and she said she felt like she isn't recieving answers. But this weekend, she wanted to go to Curitiba but didnt have the money. So she prayed really hard so that something could happen so she could go visit her friends and family. Welp...her boss gave her money early. And she felt this was an answer to her prayers. So she told us that when she gets back this week, she will get baptized. Because God does answer prayers!!!! Anyways, really cool!
Sorry this is so short. I want like 3 hrs to write to you alllll...but cant! So this week we are having a visit from Elder Carlos Godoy. We are all super pumped and preparing for it for this Thursday.   Love you alllllllllll!!!!  The gospel is true!
Have a fabulous week!
-Sister Empey
PS: General Conference is coming up! And maybe Ill get to watch it in English this time! Wahoo!
Our our awesome baptism yesterday. (the younger guy on the left) Wahoo!!!


Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

Hello everyone!                                                                                                                                                                                        Not a whole lot happened really exciting this week. I found a cooking store with powdered sugar and chocolate chips! I was SUPER giddy about that! Thats about it haha. But I decided to spend it on sending pictures!
..lifes good in Brazil!!!! Dont forget that Im still smiling, laughing, and doing the work that I know I need to do! :)

Love you allllllll!

Sister Empey

(Sister Empey spent all the rest if her email time sending us here they are!)
Hey, I'm picking oranges!!! :D
These are my amazing, stylish running shoes that Mom just sent me.  Don't  I look fabulous?!

The guy in the black tank top is our latest baptism.  "Hes the coolest guy ever!  And his brother next to him was baptised like 3 days before we got in the area. They are on fire. Really cool!"

This is my care package from Irene and themmmmmm!


Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3, 2012

MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My email got deleted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 Oh no! And my hour is up! How horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Im so sorry I dont know what to do! Its gone forever! Ill write a hand written letter this week and send it to you! I HATE technology sometimes! IM SORRRRRRRYYYYY!

But really quick! We batized a kid this week! He has 19yrs and he wants to serve a mission in a year! YAY! We are going to help his sister be baptized hopefully in a couple of weeks. Hes suuuuppper cool! Love you!

Again...Im so sorry!

A note from Mom:  This week Sister Empey received two packages, one from her dear friends Irene and Sara, and the other from our family!  In her words, "I got a package (medium size) from Sara and Irene!!!!! How awesome huh??!?!?!?! Oh how I love them!"
We sent her some comfortable shoes that she desperately needed for her back problems.  She has been suffering for several months now and has received quite a bit of very specific treatments to help alleviate her pain....all of which have not helped :(  Sister Empey is becoming discouraged... I can tell, but she won't admit that (she's quite stubborn).  More than anything, she has a great desire to serve and to continue on with her mission until the end;  so she is living with the continual pain.  She is having an MRI tonight.  Please...if you could remember her in your prayers, and pray for Heavenly Father's sustaining Holy Spirit to be with her.  She's tough, and I have no doubt she'll make it.  I have great faith in the power of prayer, and the sustaining power of love that suppresses all fears and embeds deep in the soul -giving you the power to go on.
My love to you all for your continual love and support,