Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 28, 2012

Hi family and friends!

How are all of you!

Man there was so much information to weed through this week I dont have much time to type a letter this week. So we had transfers this week. It was kind of strange. But anyways. Really I dont think there was a whole lot of changes in the mission. BUT....dont you all worry. I will stay here for at least 6 more weeks. Im exciting because we can get to work. And I have the same companion. I will send a picture of the 4 people that are in the same house, me and my other companions.

Also, we divided the area this week. Im super pumped. Because most of the investigators were from the other side, where the other companionship is right now, so we have almost nobody for our investigators pool right now. BUT...thats good because we can find more and we can start from scratch! :) I love starting from scratch. this picture....notice my skirt. I bought it last week in Londrina! And I like it a lot :D A good thing about having the area divided (because we have 2 fully working companionships) is that we can really focus on the people in our area. We can visit them more often and we can get to know the members better. Also...there is a lot of area that we were ignoring because there was SOOOO much area, but NOW, we can focus on our area and help our area to grow.

Also, we had stake conference yesterday. It was really good. I learned a lot about temples. The stake really wants to focus on temple work and getting people to the temple (well from what I got out of it). And so when we visit members (especially recent converts) we need to emphasis the importance of getting to the temple. Its great to know we have the blessing of temples. That the things we do here wont end after this life...its for FOREVER!

We are working with a less active family. They are awesome. And the mom, is soooo sweet and her food is awesome! She is the sweetest lady and shes so tired and a little bit discouraged. We had a family home evening with them and she cooks amazing! The food was incredible. I would have eaten a lot more than I did but we were late and we literally had to run home. But it was good. And the only problem is they ALWAYS say they will go to church...but they never do! And the dad isnt a member. many families to help in this area. as far as helping less-actives, we really want to focus on reactivating them, because of all families, they need to be active in the church. So we will continue helping them and visiting them (and eating) :)

Haha anyways, I must go. Its already an hour. Ill send that picture!

Love you all
Until next week!

-Sister Empey
I thought you all would like what I woke up to this morning :)
(is that fog???)

Ya we all decided to get together in the Mission Office. Haha funny story....there was a TON of people in a little office. Oh good times...always times for photo ops :D
Four of us in Riveira
(her companion is on her left)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

21 May 2012

Hello family and friends...
Just know that having a cold when you´re serving a mission isnt the funnest thing in the world....
Im better today...dont you worry people :) But a couple of days ago...phew...wasnt good. My body was just weak! roomates were awesome. One especially, I just love to death. She took really good care of me :) And like made food for me and stuff like that. So it was good.
Anyways...besides that...this week was a good week. We had some really good lessons and met some good people. The problem we are having right now with people here is that we find families. And our goal is to find families. BUT...the majority of the couples that we have found as of lately, is they are not married legally. And the crazy thing is that a lot of them have been together for more than 5 years! Ugh....and so not only we get the wonderful opportunity to help them find answers that the gospel is true...we also have to show them the importance of getting married legally. Man...I just dont understand why our job isnt any easier! Haha jk. But seriously...get married legally people...
Lets see. What stories do I have to tell you guys this week? Really...nothing happened that was toooo exciting. Did I tell you all that Im living with 4 other sisters?! Ya...good thing our house is big. Its actually really big. And it can fit 6 sisters easily...but the morning getting ready is a little crazy. Ive gotten used to it though and I actually dont mind it at all. Ive already made some good friendships. And my nickname that all the brazilians (missionaries) have given me is "Gringa" haha. great. I think all of you know the meaning of that :) Haha But really. Its been really good having all of us together.
So we have a couple that we are teaching, not married of course. But they are really good people. They didnt go to church this last 2 weeks. But man, the adversary is a REAL thing. We are seeing how literally it is effecting this couple. Its sad...they are fighting a lot. And the 'husband' has a million friends and everyone likes him. And the adversary is trying to literally destroy this couple and him especially. Because he has such a power and he will be a GREAT missionary for the ward and the church! I think that is why he especially is having a hard time. And we really have to visit them every day. We are always told that we need to visit or at least talk to our investigators every day or the adversary will. Man this is so true. When we visit this family every day, we can help them a lot and bring the Spirit into their home. Its so thickening. They can succeed past these temptations and things but they will need to REALLY try hard and we will need to do EVERYTHING in their power. But its exciting visiting them. They always love when we come to talk to them and give them messages. And the wife is reading the BOM every day and praying every day! This just goes to show you that wives and mothers and women in general are always so much more faithful then men, husbands, and fathers ;) JK! Kind of. Look...the apostles have said that the example of the mother is so much stronger. But seriously...Dad, you´re great :D
Anyways. Today we are in Londrina Central to do some shopping and other things like that. Its always really nice to get away from our house and our stomping grounds for a couple of hours. I need some good Subway or something like that... :)
But Ill get going so I can send a couple of pictures for you guys. Sorry...I felt like this was a really long letter...but it was actually really short. Look everyone. The gospel is true. It can literally change your life if you let it. And it does NOTHING but help our lives. And all of these comandments are for us, for our happiness, and protection. And I love the scriptures and praying. They are the tools that Heavenly Father has given for us to make us stronger. So pray as a family and read as a family the scriptures. And we all know that FHE is difficult sometimes....but at least make a little treat (low-fat of course ;) with the family. If families are together...then they wont fall. And I want to be with my family after this life in the Celestial ya...Live and love the gospel!
Sister Empey
 Everyone (minus my comp) eating a delicious Brazilian chocolate treat...
(we have way too much fun after 9:30 :D) 

 oh the love of my shorts!! It took a Brazilian to show me why 
my shorts had the colors they had together...haha

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

15 May 2012

A picture that got lost in cyberspace! This is a view from her house in Cambe.

Monday, May 14, 2012

14 May 2012

Happy Mothrs day to allllll!
Ugh this computer is anoying. My spelling wont be good this week. But Ill try. I dont know why but I have a lot of time this week.
Anyways, it was good to talk to the family in WA last night. Just so you know world...its always so stressful for missionaries AND families to talk on Mothers Day and Christmas. Because its like 40 min that goes by sooo fast and sometimes the internet isnt working, you cant hear the person, or you cant see the person...or in my case, I couldnt SPEAK English! Anyways, its really fun to be able to see the family :)
Anyways, Ill talk a little bit about the conference that we had with Elder Cook. Just a couple of comments they made that has stuck in my head. One of them was Elder Clayton (in the presidency of the 70). He talked about in every area that we enter, we need to take a snap shot of the ward on sunday in our head. And when we leave, the amount of people there should be more than the first picture. And that basically its our job to see that that picture is different. That that happens. Ugh...that put a lot of pressure on a lot of us...but I also thought it was really important to realize our potential as missionaries and also our job that we need to do. And we have to work REALLLLLLLY hard to see that its different adn we cant give excuses why that hasnt changed. And the other thing I liked was Elder...oh I forgot his name. But he talked about his conversion and he talked about that we was really happy the missionaries (Sisters) worked with him and he was baptized. But what would it have been like if they would have spent just a little more time with his family and helped his parents adn family become members.Because for a long time he was inactive and stuff, but it would have been different if his family would have been with him. And man...I have been thinking aboout that a lot. And that we need to find families and need to help families progress TOGETHER. I want to help families because when you ahve the support unit of FAMILIES...oh what a difference it makes! So thats my help families :)
Anyways...we have been visiting a lady a few times this week. She has had some problems with depression and other stuff like that. We FINALLY got ahold of her this week and visited her at her house. Because she has problems with depression, her house was a wreck because she couldnt get herself out of bed to clean the house and stuff. So we visited with her for a while. And was SO good! When we started cleaning, doing dishes and stuff, she started cleaning too! And it got her moving and stuff and she was a lot happier when we left. And then we visited her the next day because it was her birthday and visited her and made a cake and stuff. And she was reallllly happy! And when we visited her (really quick) the next day, she did some stuff! Like cleaned up a little more, and fixed her hair and did her nails and stuff! It was really nice to see her change a little bit and have a little more light in her eyes.
I dont know what you guys want to know about this are all asking for really broad questions...the ward is great...the bishop is great...and they are reallly all excited to help us out and stuff...I dont know. We will start with this. I will send pictures today. And next week...specific questions about the area and I can answer them :) Like prayers. When we ask Heavenly FAther for specific things or specific questions...we get specific answers :D
Ok, love you allllllll!
 Countryside right out of Cambe.

 Sister Empey and most of the sister missionaries serving in the Londrina, Brazil mission.

 Sister Empey and Sister Dos Santos (her new companion).  They are enjoying Brazilian fast food. Sister Empey said it was kinda close to fast food, but the fries were good!

 Sister Empey walks this path often.

A street in Cambe.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

7 May 2012

Hello everyone!

You guys want to hear some cool things? I left Campo Mourao and they had 2 baptisms this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY. Guys...really Im so excited! We are going to the Mission office today and Im going to find out about these baptisms. Im super pumped about really...I am :)

Also...Rachael, tell Natalie that I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE her new hair cut! And I want my hair to be like hers (really...its cuter than my hair ever was :)) And that it will be harder for Charlotte to pull her hair when its this short :)

Lets see...Im going to be talking to my family next Sunday! Whoop whoop! Im pumped about that. Just be prepared...if you dont understand all that I say or I talk really slow...its because I put portuguese words in with english words...just be prepared to be patient with me :)

Also...guess what?! I ate 2 churrascos? Like at tucanos. Like a grill? Geez...this word doesnt exist in english. just know it was reallllllly good meat. I told my comp its Heavenly Father telling me that Im going to like it here :) Man it was suuuuuper good.

Also...guess what?! Especially for Madies benefit...I heard guess who on the radio in a grocery store the other day? BOYCE AVENUE! Cool huh? I thought that was cool that its all the way in a small town in Brazil and Boyce Avenue was on the radio.

Also...guess what?! I put my feet in a pair of shoess.....and guess what was just sittin in there like no big deal? A cockroach! Ya...but I didnt realize it so I walked for a little bit...and I thought...what the heck is there...maybe a stick or something...ya...took my foot out...and a cockroach was sitting in there...almost dead I think. It made me think of that time when there was a mouse in my winter boots and I put my hand first into the boot...and then after thinmking there was nothing there...put my foot into the life I have :)

Lets see...what else? This week was super good. We have a LOT of work to do here. I feel like every day I have found another family that not everyone is members in the family. And how we are working to put families together, its fun to know that we have people to work with. And its just been a really good week. We are a little occupied with a family where the dad is Atheist. And let me tell you...I feel so inadequate because I know God knows him better than anyone else and I know what he can change the heart of this man. The wife and kids are members and the wife is just really hurting because her husband is atheist and stuff. But I just know he can be reached...but its like I dont know where to get the right questions to Im not listening or looking in the right places. But hes such a good man! Hes always offering to help us and he has been atheist for years. Anyways...we had a wife and husband come to church. Investigators. By themselves. And its cool because they know that the church is true and everything is true and recieved an answer. They just are working on a couple of things. One is that they arent married legally yet. So we are working with them to realize the importance of getting married like yesterday. Pretty much...the work of the Lord is urgent and we need to get moving. Everyone together right?!

Uh-oh....the hour is up.
I know you are alll dying for pictures...Im sorry. I have to intent every week to send some but Im getting slower and slower at it takes longer to type and do things...and my head is just torn because I know you guys want to actually read things but want pictures too...ugh...anyways Im sorry Im all letting you down! Just know Ill be sending a CD in no time with alll of my pictures. And next week Ill send pictures because Ill be talking to you guys next sunday!

Until Sunday (and for people that arent family...) until Monday!

Sister Empey

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

30 April 2012

Hi family and friends!

This computer is being retarded so if my email looks a little funny....sorry ha.

Um so I got transfered again! Im getting realllllllly sick up packing and unpacking my life up every 6 weeks haha. But its ok. I have faith Ill stay here for at least a couple, if not more :) The area that Im in is actually like 5 minutes away from Londrina. The city is Cambé. But we are more in the middle of Londrina and Cambé. The ward and area is called Riveira. Im pretty pumped for this area. Its really pretty here actually. And like I said, we are really close to Londrina. Anyways...Im kind of opening up another area. I am seeing a trend. The problem is is that there was a couple of sister missionaries that we working in this area, but they were sick and so they didnt do a whole lot of working. But now, I think we have a good 4 girls that are ready to work. My companion is another Brazilian. Im pumped and she said she is really excited that she has a companion that is American. And we have another companionship that is an American and brazilian. So its gonna be good (I hope). This transfer is only 5 weeks. Oh that wouldnt be fun if I have to pack up again in 5 weeks :( Anyways. Let me give you a little run down of our week.

First all, started off this week in a triplet. The other sister that was part of the other companionship in Campo Mourao left for Londrina because she finished her mission. So at the last minute Monday night we were in a trio for 4 days. And then we tried to work, but we had to go a little bit slower because Sis Ayumi was sick still. Anyways...then everything getting prepped for Elder Cook. AND we were doing transfers at the same time in Londrina. But we didnt find out if we were getting transfered until THURSDAY  night at like 8 o´clock and we needed to leave at like 12 the next day with all of our stuff. Anyways...this is the deal. We had to make plans with the ZLs because we had a bus that the mission payed for that would leave Maringa (2 hours away, bigger city) 5:30 in the morning Saturday morning. But obviously we werent going to leave Campo Mourao at 3 o clock in the morning. And I dont know about you guys...but elders dont always do things in the most organized manner. So they had to find a house that we could stay at friday night so we didnt have to wake up at 1:30 in the morning. And then when we found out that we were getting transfered...we needed cars to take us to the bus station and then cars to take us from the bus station to the house...with baggage of 3 sister missionaries...ya...kind of crazy...and then the only thing the elders said was "just come!" we will figure out everything...we didnt really trust them. some miracle, our president of the branch was going to maringa at the same time that we were and he has a truck we rode with him until Maringa and until the house of the family we were staying with. Talk about saving the elders! Man if we didnt follow through....hahaha I dont know what would have happened. Anyways Friday night we are getting ready for bed and we found out by the ZLs again...that we needed to be at the chapel with all of our stuff not 5:30 but more or less 5 we had to wake up at 3 in the morning. Awesome. And then rode a bus for 2 hours to get to Londrina. But hey, it was actually awesome. We had a lot of fun and it was crazy to see the whole mission together. It was really fun and there were a lot of Elders and sisters that I got to see and talk to.

Being with Elder Cook and Elder Clayton was awesome. It was kinnd of nerve wracking because we were on the second row...but it was good. And wow...when they was really powerful. It was really good. They talked about the importance of real increase in the church and how its not just about baptisms but its about helping the less actives and stuff. And how real increase in the church is the number of people attending church, the number of people being sealed in the temple, the number of full-time missionaries from that ward, and I forgot the other one. And just how we need to helped retain and reactivate along with baptising.

Lets see. I really dont have a whole lot more to say and Ill just stop there because you are all dying for pictures of me :)

K love you all and hope you all have a fabulous weeeeek!

Sister Empey