Monday, May 14, 2012

14 May 2012

Happy Mothrs day to allllll!
Ugh this computer is anoying. My spelling wont be good this week. But Ill try. I dont know why but I have a lot of time this week.
Anyways, it was good to talk to the family in WA last night. Just so you know world...its always so stressful for missionaries AND families to talk on Mothers Day and Christmas. Because its like 40 min that goes by sooo fast and sometimes the internet isnt working, you cant hear the person, or you cant see the person...or in my case, I couldnt SPEAK English! Anyways, its really fun to be able to see the family :)
Anyways, Ill talk a little bit about the conference that we had with Elder Cook. Just a couple of comments they made that has stuck in my head. One of them was Elder Clayton (in the presidency of the 70). He talked about in every area that we enter, we need to take a snap shot of the ward on sunday in our head. And when we leave, the amount of people there should be more than the first picture. And that basically its our job to see that that picture is different. That that happens. Ugh...that put a lot of pressure on a lot of us...but I also thought it was really important to realize our potential as missionaries and also our job that we need to do. And we have to work REALLLLLLLY hard to see that its different adn we cant give excuses why that hasnt changed. And the other thing I liked was Elder...oh I forgot his name. But he talked about his conversion and he talked about that we was really happy the missionaries (Sisters) worked with him and he was baptized. But what would it have been like if they would have spent just a little more time with his family and helped his parents adn family become members.Because for a long time he was inactive and stuff, but it would have been different if his family would have been with him. And man...I have been thinking aboout that a lot. And that we need to find families and need to help families progress TOGETHER. I want to help families because when you ahve the support unit of FAMILIES...oh what a difference it makes! So thats my help families :)
Anyways...we have been visiting a lady a few times this week. She has had some problems with depression and other stuff like that. We FINALLY got ahold of her this week and visited her at her house. Because she has problems with depression, her house was a wreck because she couldnt get herself out of bed to clean the house and stuff. So we visited with her for a while. And was SO good! When we started cleaning, doing dishes and stuff, she started cleaning too! And it got her moving and stuff and she was a lot happier when we left. And then we visited her the next day because it was her birthday and visited her and made a cake and stuff. And she was reallllly happy! And when we visited her (really quick) the next day, she did some stuff! Like cleaned up a little more, and fixed her hair and did her nails and stuff! It was really nice to see her change a little bit and have a little more light in her eyes.
I dont know what you guys want to know about this are all asking for really broad questions...the ward is great...the bishop is great...and they are reallly all excited to help us out and stuff...I dont know. We will start with this. I will send pictures today. And next week...specific questions about the area and I can answer them :) Like prayers. When we ask Heavenly FAther for specific things or specific questions...we get specific answers :D
Ok, love you allllllll!
 Countryside right out of Cambe.

 Sister Empey and most of the sister missionaries serving in the Londrina, Brazil mission.

 Sister Empey and Sister Dos Santos (her new companion).  They are enjoying Brazilian fast food. Sister Empey said it was kinda close to fast food, but the fries were good!

 Sister Empey walks this path often.

A street in Cambe.

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