Tuesday, May 8, 2012

7 May 2012

Hello everyone!

You guys want to hear some cool things? I left Campo Mourao and they had 2 baptisms this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY. Guys...really Im so excited! We are going to the Mission office today and Im going to find out about these baptisms. Im super pumped about this...like really...I am :)

Also...Rachael, tell Natalie that I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE her new hair cut! And I want my hair to be like hers (really...its cuter than my hair ever was :)) And that it will be harder for Charlotte to pull her hair when its this short :)

Lets see...Im going to be talking to my family next Sunday! Whoop whoop! Im pumped about that. Just be prepared...if you dont understand all that I say or I talk really slow...its because I put portuguese words in with english words...just be prepared to be patient with me :)

Also...guess what?! I ate 2 churrascos? Like at tucanos. Like a grill? Geez...this word doesnt exist in english. just know it was reallllllly good meat. I told my comp its Heavenly Father telling me that Im going to like it here :) Man it was suuuuuper good.

Also...guess what?! Especially for Madies benefit...I heard guess who on the radio in a grocery store the other day? BOYCE AVENUE! Cool huh? I thought that was cool that its all the way in a small town in Brazil and Boyce Avenue was on the radio.

Also...guess what?! I put my feet in a pair of shoess.....and guess what was just sittin in there like no big deal? A cockroach! Ya...but I didnt realize it so I walked for a little bit...and I thought...what the heck is there...maybe a stick or something...ya...took my foot out...and a cockroach was sitting in there...almost dead I think. It made me think of that time when there was a mouse in my winter boots and I put my hand first into the boot...and then after thinmking there was nothing there...put my foot into the mouse...ya...fun life I have :)

Lets see...what else? This week was super good. We have a LOT of work to do here. I feel like every day I have found another family that not everyone is members in the family. And how we are working to put families together, its fun to know that we have people to work with. And its just been a really good week. We are a little occupied with a family where the dad is Atheist. And let me tell you...I feel so inadequate because I know God knows him better than anyone else and I know what he can change the heart of this man. The wife and kids are members and the wife is just really hurting because her husband is atheist and stuff. But I just know he can be reached...but its like I dont know where to get the right questions to ask...like Im not listening or looking in the right places. But hes such a good man! Hes always offering to help us and he has been atheist for years. Anyways...we had a wife and husband come to church. Investigators. By themselves. And its cool because they know that the church is true and everything is true and recieved an answer. They just are working on a couple of things. One is that they arent married legally yet. So we are working with them to realize the importance of getting married like yesterday. Pretty much...the work of the Lord is urgent and we need to get moving. Everyone together right?!

Uh-oh....the hour is up.
I know you are alll dying for pictures...Im sorry. I have to intent every week to send some but Im getting slower and slower at typing....so it takes longer to type and do things...and my head is just torn because I know you guys want to actually read things but want pictures too...ugh...anyways Im sorry Im all letting you down! Just know Ill be sending a CD in no time with alll of my pictures. And next week Ill send pictures because Ill be talking to you guys next sunday!

Until Sunday (and for people that arent family...) until Monday!

Sister Empey

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