Tuesday, May 22, 2012

21 May 2012

Hello family and friends...
Just know that having a cold when you´re serving a mission isnt the funnest thing in the world....
Im better today...dont you worry people :) But a couple of days ago...phew...wasnt good. My body was just weak! Anyways...my roomates were awesome. One especially, I just love to death. She took really good care of me :) And like made food for me and stuff like that. So it was good.
Anyways...besides that...this week was a good week. We had some really good lessons and met some good people. The problem we are having right now with people here is that we find families. And our goal is to find families. BUT...the majority of the couples that we have found as of lately, is they are not married legally. And the crazy thing is that a lot of them have been together for more than 5 years! Ugh....and so not only we get the wonderful opportunity to help them find answers that the gospel is true...we also have to show them the importance of getting married legally. Man...I just dont understand why our job isnt any easier! Haha jk. But seriously...get married legally people...
Lets see. What stories do I have to tell you guys this week? Really...nothing happened that was toooo exciting. Did I tell you all that Im living with 4 other sisters?! Ya...good thing our house is big. Its actually really big. And it can fit 6 sisters easily...but the morning getting ready is a little crazy. Ive gotten used to it though and I actually dont mind it at all. Ive already made some good friendships. And my nickname that all the brazilians (missionaries) have given me is "Gringa" haha. great. I think all of you know the meaning of that :) Haha But really. Its been really good having all of us together.
So we have a couple that we are teaching, not married of course. But they are really good people. They didnt go to church this last 2 weeks. But man, the adversary is a REAL thing. We are seeing how literally it is effecting this couple. Its sad...they are fighting a lot. And the 'husband' has a million friends and everyone likes him. And the adversary is trying to literally destroy this couple and him especially. Because he has such a power and he will be a GREAT missionary for the ward and the church! I think that is why he especially is having a hard time. And we really have to visit them every day. We are always told that we need to visit or at least talk to our investigators every day or the adversary will. Man this is so true. When we visit this family every day, we can help them a lot and bring the Spirit into their home. Its so thickening. They can succeed past these temptations and things but they will need to REALLY try hard and we will need to do EVERYTHING in their power. But its exciting visiting them. They always love when we come to talk to them and give them messages. And the wife is reading the BOM every day and praying every day! This just goes to show you that wives and mothers and women in general are always so much more faithful then men, husbands, and fathers ;) JK! Kind of. Look...the apostles have said that the example of the mother is so much stronger. But seriously...Dad, you´re great :D
Anyways. Today we are in Londrina Central to do some shopping and other things like that. Its always really nice to get away from our house and our stomping grounds for a couple of hours. I need some good stuff...like Subway or something like that... :)
But Ill get going so I can send a couple of pictures for you guys. Sorry...I felt like this was a really long letter...but it was actually really short. Look everyone. The gospel is true. It can literally change your life if you let it. And it does NOTHING but help our lives. And all of these comandments are for us, for our happiness, and protection. And I love the scriptures and praying. They are the tools that Heavenly Father has given for us to make us stronger. So pray as a family and read as a family the scriptures. And we all know that FHE is difficult sometimes....but at least make a little treat (low-fat of course ;) with the family. If families are together...then they wont fall. And I want to be with my family after this life in the Celestial Kingdom...so ya...Live and love the gospel!
Sister Empey
 Everyone (minus my comp) eating a delicious Brazilian chocolate treat...
(we have way too much fun after 9:30 :D) 

 oh the love of my life....basketball shorts!! It took a Brazilian to show me why 
my shorts had the colors they had together...haha

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