Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 28, 2012

Hi family and friends!

How are all of you!

Man there was so much information to weed through this week I dont have much time to type a letter this week. So we had transfers this week. It was kind of strange. But anyways. Really I dont think there was a whole lot of changes in the mission. BUT....dont you all worry. I will stay here for at least 6 more weeks. Im exciting because we can get to work. And I have the same companion. I will send a picture of the 4 people that are in the same house, me and my other companions.

Also, we divided the area this week. Im super pumped. Because most of the investigators were from the other side, where the other companionship is right now, so we have almost nobody for our investigators pool right now. BUT...thats good because we can find more and we can start from scratch! :) I love starting from scratch. this picture....notice my skirt. I bought it last week in Londrina! And I like it a lot :D A good thing about having the area divided (because we have 2 fully working companionships) is that we can really focus on the people in our area. We can visit them more often and we can get to know the members better. Also...there is a lot of area that we were ignoring because there was SOOOO much area, but NOW, we can focus on our area and help our area to grow.

Also, we had stake conference yesterday. It was really good. I learned a lot about temples. The stake really wants to focus on temple work and getting people to the temple (well from what I got out of it). And so when we visit members (especially recent converts) we need to emphasis the importance of getting to the temple. Its great to know we have the blessing of temples. That the things we do here wont end after this life...its for FOREVER!

We are working with a less active family. They are awesome. And the mom, is soooo sweet and her food is awesome! She is the sweetest lady and shes so tired and a little bit discouraged. We had a family home evening with them and she cooks amazing! The food was incredible. I would have eaten a lot more than I did but we were late and we literally had to run home. But it was good. And the only problem is they ALWAYS say they will go to church...but they never do! And the dad isnt a member. many families to help in this area. as far as helping less-actives, we really want to focus on reactivating them, because of all families, they need to be active in the church. So we will continue helping them and visiting them (and eating) :)

Haha anyways, I must go. Its already an hour. Ill send that picture!

Love you all
Until next week!

-Sister Empey
I thought you all would like what I woke up to this morning :)
(is that fog???)

Ya we all decided to get together in the Mission Office. Haha funny story....there was a TON of people in a little office. Oh good times...always times for photo ops :D
Four of us in Riveira
(her companion is on her left)

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