Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012

How are alllllllll of you?!

So I have some really good news! We had 7 in-active members in church yesterday! Talk about exciting! How awesome! It was super exciting to see all of them there! A couple were miracles for sure. But it was really good. That family I told you about, they were there! So that was good :) I always feel so bad because with these people, inactive members that come to church, we as missionaries dont always have time to talk to EVERYONE and to say hi to all the people that come to church. And we cant say, congrats for being here for everyone that we see. So really...if there is one thing that Ive learned and Ive already said this the importance of MEMBERS! We definitally cant do this work alone! So be a member missionary. Missionary work isnt just about baptizing people. Its about helping those inactive members, or strong members too! So when the adversary is beating against someone, they have a higher probability of succeeding because it wont be fighting against just one person, the adversary will fight against a whole group or ward of people!

Also. we found a less active member this week. Wow he is amazing! He has a testimony, he just forgot. He has parents that are actually really firm in he church right now. He is 19 years old right now. Hes been inactive for more than a year. Anyways we talked to him for a while and he has a desire to go on a mission, just needs to fix a couple of things first. But wow! He is really awesome. Hes really bright and he loves we are giving him challenges right and left :) If we can help him return to church so he can serve a mission. Wow...I will be a happy person. But let me tell you what. I saw just a little bit of the love that parents have on this earth for their kids. It was really humbling to watch and listen to his parents talk about him (after he left the house for a dr appt). Man...all parents are like that. Mom and dad, I hope I never put you guys through this kind of pain and hurt. They talked and cried and talked about how they are praying and fasting for him to come back to church. And how they are trying to stay firm in the church to help them. Anyways, it was really good. We talked about the importance of trying to do everything in their power. like going to church, staying firm in the church, and doing those basic things for them. was really good. and we will continue visiting them.

What I have learned these last couple of weeks. I have learned that this mission is not my own. Ive had some good enlightening experiences this week. I have learned that Im am trying my hardest to be the best missionary I can be. And because of this, I am serving with all I have. But at the same time, I have challenges, I have trials. I experience trials every day! Why, why do we have trials...especially on a mission?! Im trying to serve, why are things happening to me like that (dont worry mom, nothing serious)? But I have learned that Im doing the work of the Lord. And really, he could do this work alone. He has all power, he has everything, so why cant he do it alone? But he is giving us this opportunity to have this time to learn and grow and be better people for all of our lives. So at the end of our life, after the end of all the crappy stuff we go through, through the firery furnace, we can be polished, ready to meet our Savior and our Father in Heaven and ready to be like them. So this mission isnt my own. And Im doing....more than ever, I can feel I am doing his will. So all the trials...everything that happens, has a purpose and a reason. And the Lord is in charge of our lives. Especially for me right now serving a mission.

Anyways...just from the thoughts of a Sister Missionary :D And at the same time from a mind that is really confused switching from Portuguese to English all the time! Haha

Anyways I love you all!

Until next week!
-Sister Empey

Note:  I asked her if she could understand people when they talk really fast.  This was her response:
" I can understand people...when they talk fast, I get almost all of what they say...not all, but most of it...and the other part...lets just say Im getting really good at my poker face :D"

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