Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 11th, 2012

Hello family!

Another fast email week! Sorry! But I did want to tell a couple of things. I only have about 10 minutes left and this keyboard...pain in the butt...anyways!

the Manaus temple was dedicated yesterday! Whoop whoop! We got to go to an extension of the dedication service in our stake building yesterday! How coooooool! It was awesome. I felt such a spirit there :D President Uchdorf dedicated the temple. Man for some reason yesterday, he was funny. Anyways, it was such a good experience. And you could really feel the sacrifice that the people in Manaus and all of Brazil put into that temple. I think sometimes us in the US take for granted that we have temples so close. But it was really cool. This was my favorite dedication that Ive seen so far. Maybe because Im on a mission in Brazil, or Im getting older and I understand a little bit more the significance of a temple, or maybe I could feel the spirit more for some reason or another...haha but in any was really neat. And I miss the temple. One of the first things we are doing as a family when I get home....going to the temple (and cant drive anywhere when we are in the session ok?)

Also..we had a ward activity this Saturday that we were in charge. It actually turned out really good. And I dont know if you guys remember or anything, but the game where you are all holding hands with your team in a line and then you sqeeze the persons hand when your other hand gets sqeezed...its called Shock i think. Anyways........ya....haha try explaining that game (that I can barely explain in English) in Portuguese...haha great fun :D Anyways good stuff. It turned out well. And the lesson was given by me and one of my companions. It was really good and I actually looked at people in their eyes (a big improvement for me compared to before my mission :D)

Ok I think thats all I have time for! Wow already 1 hr?! Sorry....more experiences next week!

Love you allllllll!

-Sister Empey

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