Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

Hello family!

Well this week was really interesting believe it or not! We got a phone call from President Tavares at 10:15. He said that Sister Brooks (who was living in the house with us) was getting transfered...the next day! (It was Friday night we got the phone call). And she was leaving at like 6 the next morning. So she had to pack everything up. The house was in a complete wreck and us four didnt get to sleep until like 1 oclock because we were helping her get packed up. And Sister Dos companion traveled with her to pick up her ner companion. So I have a new companion for 3 weeks! Sister Neves. She is actually doing a mission that is like a mission before her mission. They do this in Brazil. So she is 20yrs old and she is from a city within the Londrina Mission. And a president of the mission (in this case Pres Tavares) calls a young woman or young man that have more or less the age of a missionary that is thinking strongly about serving a mission. And they are come and help out the missionary. So they do everything that normal missionaries do, but they havent gone through the temple and they dont have an official calling and they didnt go through the CTM. But they are set apart and everything. So anyways, President Tavares said that after this transfer (that will end in 3 weeks) she will go home to start preparing to put in her papers. Anyways pretty cool. And shes a really good missionary so Im excited to work with her for 3 weeks.

This week we made a fancy birthday cake. It was chocolate with like a filling in the middle and a huge chocolate layer on top. Actually it didnt turn out really good.....BUT now I know how to make it better :) It was the birthday of an elder in our district. turned out pretty good. I have a picture with us and our cake that I will send you guys :)

Also...yesterday we had a lot of investigators in the church. It was really exciting to see. And a couple of inactive members were there tooo! And we are seeing a lot of good things happening in this area. We have 2 investigators right now that can be baptized this Sunday. So we are exciting about that. We will see what will happen! We need to do all we can to help them to get things moving. And its intersting because you can really see the hand of God in our work. Because really we are doing almost NOTHING. But its Heavenly Father that is actually really helping us a lot. Anyways. This week looks really promising and exciting. We have some really good investigators that want to learn and go to church and want to study more. Thats always a really good sign! We have Zone Conference tomorrow. Its going to be really good. The food is always soooo good! Anyways...I dont have any more time! Ill send that picture!

Love you all! Hope everything is going well for all of you! Brazil is doing great and little chilly too :) Great for walking a lot! Haha anyways...until next week!
-Sister Empey

We made a birthday cake for an Elder in our didn't turn out as good as we hoped, but it got eaten!

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