Thursday, February 9, 2012

6 Feb 2012

Hello all!

I told you this week was going to be crazy! So it was transfers this last week. And we had 4 extra girls one night (Monday night) and 6 extra girls the next night. But we didnt find out about these until like MAYBE 3 hours before the girls arrived. So we needed to come up beds for them, food, and sheets for the beds. It was just a LITTLE crazy. And me and Sis Checketts are still trying to recuporate (sp?) from this. So yes, I will be a little bit lazy and take a nap today. My body is actually really tired. And Ive been doing this how many weeks?! Haha, Im a little worried about a year from now.

Guess what?!!!! So Saturday was Fast Sunday right? Um ya...think about this one. While you are all enjoying the cold inside houses and stuff. Im dying here in 104 degree weather!!!! Ya....104 degrees. And Im walking up and down stairs sweating like crazy! And it was Fast Sunday Saturday about 7pm Im reallly past being done with the day. Haha but I decided to use my brain when I left the house today. Im going to start wetting my undershirts down right before I leave the house. Its brilliant. They dry quick and keep me cool a little bit longer!!!! :)

We had a meeting with ward leaders and missionaries last night. President Tavares was there. It was cool and it got us really excited. The meeting was almost 2 hrs long and in Portuguese. And I was sitting on the front I had to try to pay attention. So about an hour into it I was a BIT tired. With this Portuguese thing, my brain has to work a little bit harder to understand and to fully comprehend. But I got the general gist of the messages :) And then the meeting went long so President and Sister Tavares drove us home. Our zone is the Londrina Zone, so we have meetings with President Tavares more than you´d think. And our house is actually only about 10 minutes away from the Mission Home, downtown area. So ya, it was pretty good. It was about our wards getting into the missionary work. Seriously, I have learned a lot about the importance of member missionary work. So family and friends, get going! You dont have to preach to the whole world or invite ALL your friends to be baptized. Just help the missionaries out. We are LOVING when ward members want to teach with us. They come visit a couple house with us. Then the least that happens is the members gain friends :) I love it. There is a girl that is 23 I think in the other ward. She has gone to teach with us a couple of times. The people we teach love it because she´s Brazilian, she is really fun, and she can relate to them. As much as I´d like to think we can relate to a lot of people. Sometimes I forget about life outside of right now. So its nice to have someone that can really relate and be friends. Besides we are so busy we cant check up on everyone ever day. And we will some day leave this area, but members wont. Or will stay here a lot longer. So ya, thats what I learned today. We can be a LOT more successful when we have members work with us :)

Also, one of the hardest things for me right now is how some people recieve a testimony. They know the church is true, they can feel the reality of the gospel, they know the book of mormon is true, but they just dont make the step of baptism. Its been hard to have the reality that people gain a testimony. But they just dont go a little bit farther. I get so excited every time someone says that our messages are true! And then after a couple of days, they dont want to have visits from us any more, or something to that fact.

But we move on. We teach, we talk to a lot of people. And Im sure people think we are crazy for walking out in the blasted heat like this! Dont worry, we drink a lot of water! So I guess that we have 2 months of this nasty heat. Exciting to make sure we dont die...haha.

So I met a sister in the CTM that is in our mission right now. She is a transfer behind us. And she is one of the girls that spent the night at our house on Tuesday. And I was so excited to see her. I remember my first night. I mean it was only 6 weeks ago. And it was SOOOOO tough! But it was really good to talk to her. She is going to be an awesome missionary. And it was a blessing for the both of us. Im so glad I was there to help her. It probably doesnt make a whole lot of sense, but being able to help someone out and know that I actually helped was a great feeling. I cant exactly do that in Portuguese yet, so being able to help someone out and say the things I really want to say felt good. I want to help people out so much so I try every day to be ready for that to be able to help them out. As for her, I hope I actually did help her out! Haha. It was a good conversation and Im glad I was there to help her!

Anyways, I really dont know what else to say. Another week! Here we come right?
I hope all is going well for allll of you! I love you all!

Sister Empey

PS: anyone who wants to write me emails can write me novels if you want. I dont read them with the hour that I have. I want to think, ponder, and pray about them (haha ok maybe not pray) but I read them when we get back to our house. I print them off. So keep the emails coming long or short! :)

Sister Empey and Sister Checketts outside their apartment.

Making cookies! Sister Empey has been asking for cookie and play dough recipes so that they can share with members and investigators.

P.S Sister Checketts shared with us that President Tavares is very pleased with their work. The members love them and are fighting over who gets to feed them. People don't normally like missionaries in that area but they are loving Sister Checketts and Sister Empey. Their ward mission leader has asked that they stay in that area for awhile and not be transferred. We're so excited for them!

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