Monday, January 30, 2012

30 Jan 2012

Hello Family and friends!

I made it a transfer! Transfer week in the mission and its been crazy at our place and will continue to be so for another day. Im staying in this area, dont worry :) But 3 sisters stayed at our house last night. 2 are leaving for home and the other is getting transfered to another spot. So we are in a three some today. The reason why our house is being used is because our house is the closest house to the Mission Office/Home that has sisters at it right now. So we are also getting another sister tonight who will be training a new missionary starting tomorrow!

This week also marks my halfway point with my training! 6 more weeks and we can do normal stuff and not all this extra studying and stuff. Im excited for that :)

So one of the APs called this week and said I have a package marked on it CANDY. So they said that they need to take tithing out of it. So 10% of the package will go to them. Haha I threatened them dont worry :)

So I need to tell you a story. It is about 2 investigators. One has a baptism date set for this Sunday! Im super stolked. The other one has a baptism date for Feb 11th. Igor is awesome. He is 14 yrs old and missionaries have been teaching him for months. And he hasnt excepted baptism yet. But he goes to church every sunday. So we teach him, talk about the importance of baptism, etc. In any case, we started teaching his cousin, Mariane. Mariane is 16 yrs old. So we taught them together. Mariane is incredible. She is Catholic, but she has felt she wanted a better relationship with Heavenly Father and she has been searching other churches to find it. Well she went to a FHE with a bunch of people at her cousins house. It was great. We were there. We talked to her afterwards and set up an appointment the next day. The lesson was awesome! And by a miracle in itself both Igor and Mariane accepted baptism! And both are really really excited. Theyre talking about who they want to be there and everything. This just goes to show you that when we teach, it has hardly anything to do with us and everything to do with Heavenly Father and the Spirit. And how he prepares people. When he prepares people, its pretty simple as long as we do our part and be worthy of the spirit. So really cool! Ill make sure to send a picture. Pray that everything goes well with these baptisms!

We had Stake Conference yesterday. It was in Central Londrina. Im not going to lie, it was pretty good...even if it was all in Portuguese :) It was fun. Because I love Central Londrina, its beautiful and exciting too :) In any case it was good. An area authority came? I think Elder Edson Ribeiro. It was really good. And Presidente and Sister Tavares shared their testimonies too.

Lets see, what else can I tell you? Oh so this language thing....haha. It´s ok. It takes a long time. And I have a really bad accent. I REALLY hope that goes away. The problem is because I have such a big accent when I talk, some people dont understand me...OR dont pay attention to what Im saying, instead, they pay attention to how Im saying it. And its discouraging a little bit because I think Im delivering the message good, but really...not really...haha. But Im trying and I know it will click...I just dont know I keep on practicing and learning more.

Man I dont know what else to I think thats it for the week! Im excited to see what this week is going to bring for me and my comp! Probably more crazy stuff...I feel like things happen all the time that keep us on our toes...Im not exactly sure why...haha. Anyways I love you all and until next week! Good luck with everything and the church is true!!!!! HA

Sister Empey

Sister Empey killing her first cockroach. Yuck.

Making salgado's.

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