Thursday, January 26, 2012

23 Jan 2012

Sorry family and friends!
This is going to be a quick email today! The internet in all of Londrina went out! So its up and going, but its like 5:45 and we need to get to work at 6. I got more letters due to a zone conference in Central Londrina. It was super fun and it was kind of last minute so that was even more fun. It was with elder Tobias....somebody kind of important in the church, and area authority maybe?
So quick email. Guess what family?! Our mission president and wife said that p-day can be spent taking a nap! So thats what Im doing next week! Ha! Maybe...
So today for p-day we spent the afternoon at a members house. She taught us how to cook a fancy food called now Im going to be a brazilian cook! There are super good!
Also guess what?! I passed my 3 month mark! Whoot!
Also, we decided to give flowers to a less active member in the was sister checketts idea. And she has cancer and has like 8 kids. So it was fun to go and visit her and give them some bright flowers :)

Ahhh! I gotta go! Sorry this is so short! Definitely will be longer next week! Im so sorry! Back to work I guess!
Love you all and Im praying for you all!
Sister Empey

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