Monday, January 9, 2012

9 January 2012

Hey all!

So this is the deal. I think, I honestly think I will die before I get my package and letters. Seriously. But never fear, I threatened (in Portuguese mind you) my district leader with his life if I didnt get my letters and packages and stuff tomorrow at the district meeting. And then he said he would make sure he got everyones stuff but mine....hmmm... I might hurt someone...

Um I have an issue. My comp says she loves working with me. I dont even understand why. I mean, I complain, I cant speak Portuguese, I dont know whats going on, I miss home, Im always a wimp about everything. Which means if she loves working with me, Im a LITTLE tad worried about the rest of my companions haha. But oh well. Shes great. She keeps on telling me it WILL get easier and I know it will. I think the problem Im having right now is this. If any of you know anything about me...ok all of you do :) I love to a) talk b) help people c) make people feel comfortable d) make people laugh. And of course a few others. But I cant do ANY of that right now! So it just feels like Im not really doing much good here right now haha. But oh well...on I go right!

Also..let me tell you about suco. Ok you say this word say soup. But you replace the p with a c and kind of have a really quiet o attached. Its the equivalent of like kool aid or tang. And they have so many flavors! Its so good! BUT...I figured out this week (or maybe last week why its so good). Not only does it have sugar in the powder...they add more sugar...I its sugar. Usually like 15 cups of sugar are added! Ok not that much but I think almost 2-3. I dont really care, I eat it anyways.

So Ive been thinking a lot this week about what kind of missionary I want to be. At the end of these 18 months what kind of missionary can I say that I was. We were reading in PMG about the spirit this week. And I want to use the spirit more. Its like what we have always said. EVERY person is different. We can use kind of the same patterns, but the way the person reacts and all that depends on the spirit. I can tell them everything I know about the Restoration, but if I dont ask questions and kind of let things go different for every person, then the gospel means nothing to them. So my goal is while I constantly need help with the language, I want to be able to use the spirit. Its not about me being able to say everything perfect, its about me and my companion and the spirit we have touching the hearts of the people. Its not exactly the same for every person. So...thats my goal!

Remind me to tell you you about Carla next week!

K love you all! Just plugging along in Brazil! One week at a time!

Ate proximo semana!


Sister Empey

Sister Empey with her companion Sister Checketts. Soaked to the bone!
"Where's their umbrella?!" - Mother.

I'm pretty sure that dress is supposed to be brown. At least it was when she left!

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