Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2 January 2012

Done with week 2 people!

This week was pretty tough too! Gosh dang it I didnt get ANY packages or letters. Im so annoyed. Oh I hope sooooooo much that I get them tomorrow!

Oh my gosh...this week Ive had to walk in POURING RAIN! And I am currently soaked to the bone!!!

Also, this week Sister Checketts and I got locked out of our house. The key wouldnt open the lock! So we waited and waited (oh also, our cell phone was dying). Eventually President Tavares actually showed up with his son to try to help. Nada...finally at 11:30 we were in our house and 90 reies later. Ya it was an interesting night....

Another story, so we taught this guy that doesnt have any teeth. So not only can i not understand normal people, I wasnt even about to try to understand him! In any case, I didnt talk much. So we asked him to pray about our message and we would come back later. Well that night I guess he had a dream and me and Sister Checketts were in the dream. Sister Checketts was really far away and I was right next to him. And I guess he was falling into a huge hole and God told me to pull him out so I did. Well he was telling us this dream, I didnt understand at all...and I thought he was yelling at me because he was kind of yelling at us. I guess he kept on saying that we had power and he knew I specifically had power. I didnt know what he was saying. And he would ask me questions and he wouldnt let Sister Checketts explain it in a different way. It was so depressing because I just didnt know what to say. I eventually said that I didnt know the meaning of his dream but I do know that he can be helped and follow God by being baptized? Haha Ya that was about it. He didnt go to church but we saw him in the street and we gave him a lesson about the WofW. He said he would die before he gave up drinking and smoking. Haha so we cant do anything else for him. We in the missionary language "cut him". We are too busy to keep on trying with him.

Also, I met an Elder from the Columbia Basin ward...Elder Ellsworth. Hes freaking awesome. Anyway...it was good to talk to him. He came to our District Meeting on Tuesday and he told me to hang in there. That the first transfer he didnt like at all, but then after that it got easier. That I just needed to keep on going. So that was nice.

So Ive decided I dont like holidays anymore. It makes me miss home even more. And everyone is busy with family stuff. People just arent around! And fireworks are crazy here. Christmas and New YEars they are let off everywhere. They wake me up because theyre like in my back yard. It was actually REALLY annoying because I couldnt sleep.

Also, I need you guys to try something. It my new favorite thing and because Brady likes Jell-O.... :) Try it with condensed milk on the top of Jell-o..or even better sweetended condensed milk :) Its good and people do it a lot down here.

No pictures this week, maybe next week.

I love you all! And I miss you.

Anything else?!

Cant wait until next week!

Love ya!
Sister Empey

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