Monday, March 12, 2012

12 March 2012

Note: Bia (Ana Maria), Sister Empey asked us to forward you some pictures, but the email address she gave us isn't working. Please email Sister Empey's mom at and we'll forward them on to you:)

Hi family and friends!

So this is the deal. Im leaving Londrina. Im not going to lie, Im pretty bummed about it. Last night, we stopped by a members house and we told her and she said that she actually started crying yesterday during the day because she could feel that either Sis Checketts or myself would leave and she didnt want us to. And then she said shes going to miss me a lot and more or less that she knows we cant stay and there are other people in Brazil that need to be blessed by us. Anyways, I felt good about that one :) Haha.

Anyways. Dad you were right. Just when you are getting to know the members and getting to feel comfortable...time to leave! I actually said many times to myself...I could stay here for 6 months! I love this area! Ya bad idea. Maybe if I wouldnt of said that, Heavenly Father wouldnt have heard! Haha and Id still be here. Sis Checketts is staying here and training a new missionary again, like me :) Only she is a Brazilian we think. My new area is actually an area that Sis Checketts left before we came here to Londrina. Shes REALLLLLLY pumped for me to go there haha. I think Campo MourĂ£o (my new area) is around 6 hours away. More south. So ya. Another area! Here we go!

This week was a good week. We did a lot of finding people and actually gave a lot of Book of Mormons away (more than normal). We had a lesson yesterday that was actually cool. She asked a lot of questions. And as she talked and asked questions, she brought up a subject with each of the lessons in preach my gospel. Like, she asked about Joseph Smith (first lesson) and talked about prophets (first lesson), and then she asked about baptism (third lesson), and then she asked if we believed in Heaven and Hell (second lesson), and then she asked about the 10 commandments (4th lesson), and she even asked about fasting (5th lesson). It was really kind of cool. And then I remembered a quote from Elder Holland in PMG. He said that he promises that if we listen to our investigators, every time we will hear at least one thing that the person will say that highlights a part of the gospel, and she did it many times.
Also, another experience was of a lady that we talked to at her gate. We talked about the first lesson a little, gave her a pamphlet, explained the BOM a little and then told her we would come back and give her one (because we were out) but we gave her a pamphlet of the first lesson. And then we went back yesterday to give the book of mormon to her. And she talked about how she didnt believe in a prophet and she didnt believe anything the pamphlet says and things like that. And then we just listened for a little bit and then we explained a little bit about the Book of Mormon. And it was the CRAZIEST thing. By the end of us explaining things, she was a COMPLETELY different person and she said she will visit the church and learn more about it. Because she was interested in the fact that we were the same church as the "mormons" (you know the Book of Mormon? ha). Anyways it was really cool to see how she changed and how she said she´ll read the book of mormon and stuff.

So I think thats about it for the day. Ill spend the rest of the day packing up and! Oh and eating my food :) If I have to do this every 3 months...well then Ill get REALLY experienced with riding the bus! Haha.

But I love you all and hope things are going well for all of you! Have the bestest week ever! Until next week!

Love you all,

Sister Empey

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