Monday, March 26, 2012

26 March 2012

Hello everybody!

This week was a good one. One day it rained...
allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day. I was actually tired of holding my umbrella all day.

Lets see. This area is really good. And really huge! We are still learning how huge it actually is!

Oh we had 2 REALLY good family home evenings the last two days. The first was with less-active members and we talked about Alma 32:37-end of the chapter. Talking about the roots of our trees (ourselves) and how we need to use things in our lives that are essential to have strong roots. We talked about how the roots are family home evening, reading the book of mormon, praying, and going to church. And how we need to focus on the basics to have a strong "tree". It was really good because it really stuck with one of the families that was there. And then they came to church yesterday! We really want to focus our efforts on strengthening this family because the dad is a missionary. We learned this week that one sunday he brought 27 investigators to church! 27! Holy cow! So we need to make sure he is strong so we can help others at the same time :)

Also, the other family home evening was last night. It was with a recent-convert and his family. We talked about the plan of salvation. And the parents had A LOT of questions about the plan of salvation. Man, thank you Dad for always wanting to know more information and studying. Because of conversations that we have had as a family, I knew the answers (and of course my studying in the book of mormon ;)). Not all the answers mind you, but many of them.

So because of this area, we have been really trying hard to gain more references from our own efforts and other members. We dont have a whole lot of members on our side of the city (the city is split into 2 parts), so we are really looking to gain more members on our side and its soooo big, we have really been trying hard to focus our attention on a specific part. Man...2 weeks just flies by when you are learning about a new area. I hope I stay here for at least 2 transfers so I can actually get some productive work done!

Let me tell you what......Im having a big issue. Im getting attached to people in general. Let me explain......................

EVERY PERSON we talk to I cant help but I want to help them to get baptized because they would be PERFECT in the church! And they would awesome members for the rest of their lives! I mean almost every person...And Im loving everyone. Its the weirdest thing. I just want to talk to everyone and I want everyone to invite us in to their houses so that we can teach them and they can be converted! And even when theyre not progessing, I still want to come back to their house so that we can teach them more and help them more! My heart is always torn when families dont care to hear about the church and things like sad. Theres not enough of us in the city to keep visiting people that arent ready to hear the gospel.....

Anyways, thats about it for this week.

Ill send pictures now :)

Sister Empey

PS: Everyone have an awesome weekend! General Conference whoop whoop! Just think of Campo MourĂ£o...listening to conference in Portuguese....understanding probably only half of conference and trying not to fall asleep haha :)

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