Monday, April 9, 2012

2 April 2012

Hello alllll!

So this week was actually a fairly normal week. Sister Ayumi and me are still trying to get used to all the walking that we do. We are so tired by the end of every day. But its getting a little easier.

I cant remember what day it was, but some day this week, we worked in an area that was kind of far away (like 45min walking). And then we were going after some references and did some contacting on the way. We ended up walkikng REALLY far away! And to get home at the end of the night, we had to walk for like 1hr and a half almost. That was rough haha. We were soooo ready to be done for the day. But something exciting...we received 73 references in one week! The goal that President Tavares set for mission every week is 70. And sometimes its really hard to do that. But we did :) We got 73. Only my second time that thats happened since Ive been out here. Also, our area book is looking more and more pretty and complete. But our desk has been a complete wreck this week because we have so many parts to the book that are out of order and everything.

We had a couple of interesting experiences this week. One, we met a family. It was actually really funny, because we set an appointment with only the Mom. And then next night we visited them. And we saw one son there. And so we started talking, and then 2 more kids walked in. And then I thought...awesome! We can help a big family! And then 2 more kids walked in...and I, we can help a BIG family (and how big is this house?). And then another kid walked in! This family is huge! 8 people all together. Anyways. It was a super good lesson. We bore testimony and talked about the restoration. And then we all asked them to pray about the church and our message and they all agreed. There was a really good spirit there. And then, preach my gospel says that we should invite the people we teach to be baptized during the first lesson...unless we feel like we shouldnt. We felt like we needed to, there wasnt a reason not to. And so we asked the dad, the person in charge first. hope was dashed a little after that. He said that he was born in the Catholic church and raised in the catholic church and will stay catholic until he dies. It was so sad. We have plans to come visit them again because they did accept the invitation to pray. And we believe in miracles right?!
Another experience was with a lady and her husband and grandkid. It was actually really funny. Because what happened at first is we clapped at their gate and the lady came out. And of course it was me who was doing the contact. And every person needs to ask me where Im from because of the way I talk...anyways she said she had another religion and she didnt care to talk about another religion. And then she asked where I was from and I said the US (but I was expecting to walk away after that because she didnt care). And then she said...actually, we can pass by another day and talk to her. And then she invited us in. We ended up staying FOREVER! And she gave us food and talked and talked and talked. Haha it was really funny. Shes like me...but I swear still she talks more than me..haha maybe not. Anyways, she said she really really liked having us there and she wants us to come back another time and that we are her friends :). Now...she just needs to accept the gospel!!!!!!!

I hope you guys liked conference! I really didnt understand a whole lot. But let me tell you, I appreciate the president of the branch here. He is awesome. He told me they had a room with the english version of conference that I could watch. But me and Sis Ayumi need to be in the same room so I told him because of that I couldnt go and watch in english. And then the next conference session, he tried to set it up where I could watch in the back of the same room so Sis Ayumi could watch in Portuguese, but it didnt work out. It was really nice of him that he tried to figure it out. And last night after the final session, I THINK he said send a hug to your parents. So there...heres a hug from him (at least I think thats what he said haha). Also...Elder Scott speaks Portuguese! It was crazy! While he was speaking, they had the recording of his own voice giving his talk in Portuguese. It was kind of cool. Also...we were doing something else during the first session, what temples were announced?

Also, another funny story. There is a lady in the ward that served a mission and shes kind of crazy and I love it. Last night she said (talking to another sister in the ward) that she has only known me for like 2 days and she already loves me. Haha kind of funny. She said that I remind her of herself when she served a mission (only she talked more). Oh if she only knew...if she only knew that I actually would talk a lot if it wasnt this language barrier thing...

Anyways, I gotta get going.

Love you all and hope you all have a FANTASTIC week!

Sister Empey

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