Monday, April 9, 2012

9 April 2012

Hello everyone!

Man its getting a little bit harder to type in English. Mainly because Im reading some things in Portuguese from our mission website and then trying to type in english, but the letter to our mission president obviously I have to type in Portuguese...anyways...a mess.

Ok I have less than 10 no pictures this week. Sorry, I read too much and didnt write enough. This week was really good. We had a couple of really good lessons.

We had a weekly planning session that seriously clicked for me. It was so good. I dont know why I was such a retard before haha. But we decided (ok I decided and Sis Ayumi followed) that we would mark these people that we were planning for in our day to day plan during weekly planning so we wouldnt forget about them. Because what happens is we plan for the people, but then we dont look at our sheet until the next weekly planning and forget to follow up during the week. So this way we already have a plan written in our planner to not forget. Perfect! Anyways, Im excited because this week we already have a lot of things planned. I lkike when our schedule is full already.

Well yesterday we had a HUGE rainstorm. Bigger than I have ever experienced. We were soaked in 5 minutes and had to wait it out because we had HEAVY rain and wind at the same time. It was great but it got really cold really fast. Especially when it was dark and we were still soaked and there wasnt rain, it was only wind. Yuck. Anyways. We found a really really inactive family that we visited last night. It was a gooooood lesson. The first time, we just visited the mom and she didnt really say she had a testimony and couldnt remember it. But last night, she said that she still believed Joseph Smith was a true prophet and we helped her recognize that that is a testimony. So we will visit them again with other members to try to see if we can help strengthen them again. They havent been to church for YEARS! Anyways, we will see...hopefully we can help them through giving them lessons and stuff.

Well we had to travel by fancy bus until Maringa Thursday and had to wake up at 4:15 to leave and stuff. And we have to do the same thing tomorrow. Wish me luck and that I can sleep on the bus!

Have a good week everyone. Sorry this was so short!

Love you alllll!!!!/
Sister Empey

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