Monday, April 16, 2012

16 April 2012

Mom asked a lot of questions and Sister Empey spent a bunch of time answering them, so her main email is short. So, we thought we’d add some of the information she sent Mom!

(Mom asked if she was getting in good shape with ALL the walking she’s doing.) Her answer: “Haha no. I am losing a little weight but I’m eating whatever is in front of me haha, because I need to eat or I just die. Im scared to be too careful of not eating enough because I dont want to faint or die or something. I still sweat a lot and I get a headache if I dont eat enough. When we walk fast because we are late for an appointment or something...we get a gooood work out and Im sweating a lot by the end haha. People in brazil dont really watch what they eat usually...and we cant exactly turn food down when people make us meals...”

(Mom asked if she’d heard that Elder Quentin L. Cook was coming to her mission this month) Her answer: “Yes, I found out last week that Elder Cook is coming. Im super pumped and we are
prepping to go to Londrina. Oh Im soooo flippin excited because the WHOLE mission is coming together in Londrina. Im so excited to see all my friends that Ive made and stuff. We are all prepping as to what we are going to wear and stuff haha because we have to look our very best :) It has been 9 years since an apostle visited our mission so we are pretty excited.”

(Mom asked why she has to get on a bus and travel to a distant location) Her answer: “Our district is not close to us. So when we have district meetings every week either the elders from our district come to Campo Mourao (like a 2 hr bus ride) or we go there. So thats why we rode a bus...because we had a district meeting in Maringa, which is where the stake center is...and where the rest of our district is. And we have to leave at 6:30 from Campo Mourao to get there
on time.”

(Mom asked if it was turning colder there yet and if she had enough warmer clothes.) Her answer: “Im fine right now with the weather. Im not dying...and I can definitely buy things if I need to. But right now....if it rains...we just get soaked for a little bit :) Dont worry about me!!!!!!!!! I welcome a little bit of chilly sometimes...”

(Mom had heard that Missionaries weren’t allowed to hold babies, and she asked if that was the case.) Her answer: “Yes...a rule in the missionary handbook says you cant hold babies, babysit, tickle or play with kids, feed babies...anything. Its seriously a trial when I see a mom struggling and I want to help her out and hold a baby, or a baby is reallly cute and I want to hold her or play with her...cant do it....”

(Our family has a tradition of every Sunday having popcorn. Mom was worried she was missing it, and she asked if she had any.) Her answer: “If I get popcorn...I make it...but its really good. We do it over the stove with oil....and then add salt...mmmmm :)”

(Mom wanted to know if they had cute clothes there.) Her answer: “Ill just wait until I get home to have cute stuff and clothes :) Haha and Down East doesnt exist down here :)” duh…

(Mom was curious how her Portuguese was coming and if she could read it really good.) Her answer: “Im getting better with reading Portuguese. When Im reading scriptures I still need my English version, but I dont have to look at them as much. And I can scan read faster which is really nice. It takes less time to read :) And I dont know how my accent just talking is all, and its probably getting a little better. But I dont know...people still can easily tell that I have an accent haha!)

(Mom asked if there was any really poor areas in Campo Mourao). Her answer: “No matter what city you are in in Brazil there is a HUGE difference. Like you could walk down the street and find some real ghetto houses, really poor area, but then you walk 5 minutes and have these HUGE houses. I forgot the word but there is huge inequality here in middle class, upper class, lower class...we have it all in rich abundance...”

Then she just started talking…
“One in Brazil...almost always music in movies (and in this case general conference) is in English. They cant just change the words but keep the sounds the same. So there is a lot of music in Brazil that is English. So general conference music was all in English :)

K...phew...the other email wont be very big because I was answering so many questions!!!!!!!!!
But I like it! It was good :)

(Then her letter to everyone)

Holy cow!

Family...each week time is going by faster and faster with this one hr thing. Lets see how much I can write in 4 minutes!!!!!!!!!!! Haha

Um this week was good. But its been a little crazy. We had a lot of things to do and our key indicators were not very good! Ugh...frustrating. But we are back at it and its a new week!

Elder Quentin L. Cook is coming to our mission the end of this month. We are all super pumped! The first time in 9 years that an apostle visited our mission! We all have to look all professional and fancy. Im pumped :) Cuz I wont sweat for a day haha

One quick story. We had lunch at a young moms house. She reminded me of my sisters and how you are always running around crazy, and meal times are crazy! She was awesome and giving us lunch too! So I decided to be nice and help out. It was like helping my sisters out...kind of...haha. There was a baby crying, and the little boy was running around crazy. We cant help like hold babies and stuff, but we did other things like help out making food and doing dishes. Ya...crazy
moms! Moral of the all will be blessed for your service :)

The church is true! The missionary service and work is alive. So sorry for this email...blame mom and all her questions haha.

Love you alllllll!!!!!!!!

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