Tuesday, March 6, 2012

5 March 2012

Katelyn discovering new fruit!

Hi family!

There honestly wasnt a whole lot going on this week. But we had a successful week in a different sense. We FINALLY finished our Area Book. It is really quite beautiful right now and really organized:)

We had to take medicine for parasites (everyone has to take this medicine). The first wasnt nasty. The 2nd...was horrible! Ugh I actually wanted to die! So to get the taste out of my mouth...we ate ice cream :) But in any case, because of this, the parasite medicine didnt sit well with Sis Checketts (this happens to a lot of people in the mission, just a little sick). So we stayed in the house for a day. Oh my gosh, I THOUGHT I was going to die! Its kind of how I was during my "nesting period" right before I left. I read like 5 general conference talks, read scriptures, watched Preach My Gospel DVDS, read preach my gospel. Ya...I was a little ready to get to work. Haha. Ya...when our job consists of talking to people and being out of the house...when we have to stay in doors...oh I cant handle it!

Anyways...what else happened this week? Oh my gosh. In Brazil...birthdays (and any holiday) are BIG deals! I told a lady in our ward that I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago...and I SWEAR she was actually mad at me. Haha so I think I learned my lesson. Next year, I will tell people about my birthday haha.

Oh. We had a cool experience. We recieved a referal from the ward. But we FINALLY got in contact with her. It was really cool. Her dad is a member of the church but she never wanted to be. He has a lot of friends in our area. He used to live in the ward boundaries. Anyways we talked to her for like 30min and then after we asked if we could come back to visit her and teach her. She said that we could. We didnt think it was that big of a deal and then later that night we talked to a member of the ward who then called the investigators dad and they all said that it was a miracle that she was willing to meet with us. So I think thats pretty cool.

Lets see...what else? Oh...2 people in Testimony meeting mentioned us! Haha I thought that was pretty funny. They talked about how we had really helped them and given them strength. And the other one talked about how we gave them a really spiritual message at lunch. It was pretty cool. So good thing the ward likes us right?!

We have a new ward mission leader. And hes awesome. He really wants to help us out. And he wants to teach with us at least once a day...during the evening. He wants to know about our plans and our goals for baptisms and stuff. Its really cool and it keeps us excited.

Welp, transfers are next week. I really dont know what to think. MAYBE we will have a change, maybe we wont. Ill let you all know next week. BUT you know what that means?! That I survived 2 transfers! Haha. Also, Im learning that I understand almost everything when talking about religious stuff. I still only get about HALF of the rest of the normal conversations. But hey...at least I understand what people are saying about the religious things :) So we are moving on!

Im sorry this email isnt that exciting...oh one more thing! I wanted to wait a little bit but I need to say SOMETHING exciting. We are getting visited by an apostle! We THINK, probably. The end of april. So we dont know details yet so its not completely set in stone...so Ill let you know when its for sure for sure.

Anyways, time to go! I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with this week!

-Sister Empey

Sister Empey with Sister Lopez that she met at the CTM.

Sister Empey with her district. She said they are holding what's most important to them. They are holding the Book of Mormon and she's holding her birthday cake. (All of Katelyn's sisters are rolling their eyes right now)

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