Thursday, December 15, 2011

13 Dec 2011 - Last week in the CTM

Hello Family!
First off, sorry mom and others for not always answering your questions. Its always so stressful when there is a little countdown timer going down from 30 minutes in the corner. But I´ll try to answer your questions first. The cute escorts are some of my elders in my district. I cant remember who was with me at the time but...if you send me the picture that she sent then I can tell you. Im thinking their names were Elders Vincent, Stanger, Otteson (sp?), and Jarrell. They´re pretty cool :) And Izabel likes me because theres not many american sisters here so we are well known :)
As far as pictures go, I apologize for not sending them. They don´t exactly have the easiest access to put pictures up, ESPECIALLY when we only have 30 minutes a week. So when I get out in the field, I can send more pictures because Im not timed with 30 minutes.
Im really excited to leave this place! I cant wait for next week. Im so nervous but excited too :) Im excited to get into the real "mission". Which means a lot of hard days coming up. But Im excited to meet my mission president. Ive heard good things about him today. I met an elder last night who is from Londrina. He was really excited I was going to Londrina and he said that I can convert his parents while Im there! Haha it was kind of funny but it also made me think of how excited that will be when we get to know real people instead of just hypothetical situations.
I want pictures from people! I would love to see all my neices and nephews (hint hint).
Ok so guess what mom?! I used my sewing skills! I was so freaking happy. I turned out good I think. But there was an issue. The sewing kit you got me...there are SOO many different tools in them! Theres so much more then anyone needs I swear. But I just thought you should know about that :)
And guess who my roommates are?! Brazilians who dont speak any english! Ive decided that Heavenly Father didnt think I would pushing myself hard enough so I needed roommates who dont speak English to get me to be more brave with my Portuguese. But its been good so far and we are both patient with eachother. And if all else fails I give them a look of "I dont know what you are saying" and they try to use more simple words haha. Its great. We dont say much to eachother but enough to explain things...decently...
Also...we went proselyting yesterday around the CTM. It was crazy! And I made the stupid mistake and use my Born shoes...the cute ones. Ya...I forgot to put on my others. So I have these cute little blisters on my pinkie toes. But ya. We placed 5 BOMs between 3 of us. But I didnt do much talking. The Elders I went with were pretty good at filling in the gaps. But it was a cool experience to be out with the Brazilians talking to them. We practiced a lot before hand so we kind of had sometime to say. Brazilians are so nice. The favorite of the 5 was an older man who works a lot. He was taking a break from working and we stopped and talked to him. By the end we gave him a BOM and he was sooooo grateful for it. He kept on saying "Obrigado" over and over again. I couldnt catch what else he was saying, but it was all good...I think :S and he was just really happy and it was exciting. So it was a cool experience. Next monday we will be going into downtown Sao Paulo to proselyte there. Nerve wracking but cool.
And then I leave Tuesday! I dont know my plans yet but were leaving. Im supposed to be conducting the choir (which is made up of all the departing districts on Sunday) Why the heck the lady keeps on putting me in charge Ill never know. So wonderful! And I wont be able to write on Tuesday cuz Ill be traveling. But ya.
Gotta go. Times up and the teacher is right behind me!
Love you all!!
Sister Empey

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