Tuesday, December 6, 2011

29 Nov 2011

I´m sorry about not sending an email yesterday. The internet is sometimes crazy here! Yesterday we couldnt even get on because it was so busy.
How was everyone´s thanksgiving? I got a HUGE cookie from Mom. It was delicious! And they actually had a thanksgiving dinner which was really cool and it was actually pretty good for being in Brazil! Mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, you know the good stuff. And Im soo excited that I can get some fun stuff at Mr Cheneys (missionties place) for the next couple of weeks.
What was best was that the cafeteria was decorated for thanksgiving at lunch and by dinner there was a christmas tree in its place. Something really cool happens every year at christmas time at the CTM. There is an open to the sky atrium in the middle of the building and they decorate the plants and stuff with christmas lights. And we have a lighting ceremony the day after thanksgiving! So we all got together as a CTM and then counted down to light the lights and then sang 3 songs, english and portuguese to bring in the holidays. It was pretty sweet! And then we had an all you can eat ice cream bar. Also mind you...we didnt have class for the last hour because we hung out together. So I was pretty happy about that.
P-Day was good yesterday. It is also fun to go to the temple. We get up really early and drive a big charter bus to the temple (I cant remember if I told you all of this before) but its a lot of fun because all the americans go together :). I only have 2 more times at the temple :( And that actaully made me sad and nervous. Im worried that my first companion wont know any english. Also...there was a huge thunder/rainstorm yesterday and we got back to the CTM just in time. It was officially awesome :)
A lot of the Brazilians actually know some english. So with our broken portuguese and their broken english, we can create a conversation that lasts 10 minutes when it would probably take 3 minutes if we spoke fluently in one language or another.
Oh man. Guess what?! family you will all be shocked. I played the opening hymn for the devotional last night. Hahahaha isnt that CARAZY! It turned out ok. Also...guess what else?! This will blow your mind...it still blows mine. So there are 4 girls in our branch. We are all roomates together. And we sang in our sacrament meeting...like a quartet! And it was so goood, the music director wanted us to sing for the devotional. So we did! And everyone loved it. All the elders love it when sisters sing because they think we sound like angels. Which I dont see that, haha but whatever.
Also, the other day I had an issue where I couldnt speak english or write in english. It was frustrating but it was actually a good frustration. But dont worry...never fear, that lasted for about like 15 minutes. I snapped back to the opposite like usual (cant speak in portuguese) haha
Anyways...30 minutes fly by so fast!
Im sorry this isnt very long. But thanks like always for the emails and support.
If there are any specific questions email them to me so I can be sure to answer them specifically!
3 weeks left in the CTM! Ahhh I cant believe it! Im scared! I actually like it here in the sheltered environement. Imagine that!
Love you all!
-Sister Empey

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