Monday, December 26, 2011

26 Dec 2011


It was incredibly nice to see and here from you guys yesterday. Christmas was good. Nothing too special besides the obvious of getting to talk to you all!

First week in the field and I am obviously dying. Haha as I told the family yesterday, I have already fainted and I cant really go 10 minutes once Im outside and not sweating.

Lets companion is great. She is really good at sticking to ALLL the rules and working hard. Which is good for me. Im glad that I have her as a trainer.

This area is nice. Its on the edge of Londrina. And the airport is really close to us so I can watch planes take off sometimes which is cool. But sometimes I just think about how long its going to be until I am on a plane again which isnt exactly the best thing either haha. Um lets see...

Oh something I forgot to mention which Im actually excited about.
I cant really say much of anything in Portuguese. But the Stake President had us over for lunch one day and I gave the spiritual thought. It was Ether 2:17. He said that it was the best analogy with that scripture he has ever heard! Which I thought was pretty cool.

Um about the language. Yep good thing my comp knows what to say and what to do because I definitely dont. I just sit there, eat peoples food, and then leave. And the members at least are getting used to me looking at them with a blank stare because I dont understand anything. Its a rule in the mission that you cant speak English. And I didnt know that but I had a GREAT conversation with one of the stake presidents son who is fluent in English. It was GREAT! It was the first conversation that I had that didnt take too much effort obviously. Haha need to stop that one I guess.

Everyone has dogs. Its their way of letting them know they have someone at the door. Its like the door bell. You can definitely tell which areas have nice houses and which are kind of crappy. But its been a good experience so far. And really hard actually. Hopefully eventually, Ill get used to it. Ok I know I will, it just might take a while. got a new computer?! What?!

I forgot to ask everyone what you all got for Christmas presents so spill the beans! I want to here it all. Im sorry I cant give anyone Christmas presents this year or next. Maybe someday Ill be able to make up for it!

Lets see. What else can I tell you? Not a whole lot to be honest. I think that this last week was a whole bunch of trying to get accustomed to this crazy hard life style.

Love you all!
-Sister Empey

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