Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

How are all of you doing this week?!

This week was good for us! And holy cow it was hot again! I was sweating this whole week! Its always like this! The Saturday and Sunday of fasting just happens to be the hottest day of the week and month haha. But anyways. It was super good.

But anyways...happy 4th of july! Dont worry, probably here Ill get fireworks too. They go off like every night. Especially on the weekend. Its because of soccer games that are going on. Haha. When the team that the people are rooting for score, they light off fireworks. Its kind of crazy...but welcome to Brazil. EVERYONE loves soccer. EVERYONE. And you know what team a person is with what they show in their house, what they wear, what they have in their car. Hahahahaa its really funny. But anyways...Happy 4th. Maybe Ill wear red or blue or white on 4th of July just to commemorate :D

Anyways this week we started visiting and teaching a girl and her mom. They are awesome. I love them. You can always tell if an investagator likes you if they cook for you. Did I mention that already? I think I mentioned that before like 10 times. But anyways, these investigators cooked dinner for us. It was super simple but it was perfect :D And this week the daughter ( 14yrs old) said that she and her mom likes it when we come to visit them :D The mom. Wow the mom is soooo busy all the time. And one night she was having some serious problems with her family when we came to visit and she was SUPER stressed out. BUT we talked to her, we read the BOM with her and when we left she said she felt sooo much better and was super happy we came by. But her problem is she is so busy she doesnt want to go to church!!! Haha she said she has too much to do and doesnt want to go. BUT we will keep working with her so that we talk her into going. Once she goes, she´ll never look back :D And she has a son that is like....HUGE!!!!! Like 7 feet tall I swear. And their family eats A TON! Like when we filled our plates (when we ate dinner with them)...they were all flabbergasted because we had so little on our plate. But really...we had a normal amount. But ya...really funny.

We have a recent convert here. She is 12 yrs old. And she is reallly awesome. But she was a little weak this past couple of weeks. And we found out why! She wasnt reading the BOM! But we made a plan with her to read every day. Anyways, it was reallly good. This last sunday we didnt have to wake her up for church. She was waiting outside of her gate for us to pick her up. And she is really excited because she wants to work with us this week. Like walk and teach with us. So we are really excited. Because she lights up when she can show others that she has a testimony. Anyways...our focus this week...lessons with members!

Ill send you guys a picture of our zone conference now!

Anyways, you all have a fabulous week! I know I wiiiiiiillllllllllllllllll!


Sister Empey

Our Zone - check out the really tall American Elder in the middle - he's our District leader -he's hilarious! :D

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