Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

Hi family and friends!

Guess what??!?!?!?! Im going to be a trainer for 12 weeks! about responsibility! This person is BRAND new in the mission. And Ill have to train her the ropes on the mission and stuff. WOW...these 12 weeks will be interesting! Im a little scared....haha

And look...I told you I would have a good week!

So what happened....welp...Ill tell you!

This week was super good. The Zone leaders and Assistants were thinking about helping out our zone. And they decided on helping out our area for a few days. So Thursday-Sunday, we had 2 elders helping us out. So they ate lunch with us with the members and then they just worked. Contacting people, talking to our investigators, and helping find people to be baptized this weekend. It was super fun and I think they liked it too. The first day was with an assistant and our zone leader. The next day was an assistant and other zone leader, and the next 2 were the 2 assistants. It was really fun and it helped us too. It helped us because we got excited during the day and we really were excited to work and talk to people. So it was really fun and really good too. It was also good because our area has only had sister missionaries for like 4 years. So they could do some work and talk to people and teach people that we cant do. So they had a lot of success.

Anyways. Remember me talking about that family that was inactive but the mom is a really good cook? :) Well they are coming to church every Sunday now!!! AND her son got ordained and he passed the sacrament yesterday. It was super cool and I was really really happy to see that! Success!

Also...we were going after a reference given to us by a zone leader in Londrina. So we found the house and the lady that answered is actually a member....but really inactive. So we talked to her for quite a while. She is super awesome. She is one of like 11 kids in the family. And the only member. Talk about hard. And she gave us food :D And the whole family live close together. Its really cool. They are a huge family and it is really cool to be able to see that. So I hope we can help her and her family. But its gotta be hard to be the only member in a family so big! Also...we taught part of the family 2 days ago. It was SO cool! Her son was there and listening A LOT! He was a rebel when he was younger...but we talked to him and invited him to church. He accepted and he showed himself! And then during church he said he was praying to receive an answer...and he said yesterday that he received an answer and he wants to change and be better and change his life. WOW! SOOOO FREAKING AWESOME! So we were really pumped and excited! Go him!

Anyways....I forgot to mention...but I started to dream in Portuguese! Go me! Haha

Anyways...Ill get going but I hope you all have a fabulous week! Love you alllllll!

-Sister Empey
Yup...that's all!  (my favorite's all gone, and Mom just sent this to me!)

So this was us together with the 2 elders that helped us out. These are our 2 assistants. But Elder Angerbauer (the blond) is leaving this week for his house! Anyways....ya....good times

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