Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012

Hi family!

This hour always happens really fast and I wasnt really focused when I was reading and doing things. SO this letter will be really fast. Sorry!

But this week was a good week. It was really busy and we had TONS to do and that didnt get done. We found an investigator (in reality, the assistants found him) and he lives at the VERY edge of our area and down a hill. And so this weekend we walked up and down hills like all day. My body is really really really really really tired. I cant wait for this sleep! And I had a lot of stress this week. So you know how your body sometimes just gets run down and you crash? If it wasnt for Heavenly Father helping me, I would have already crashed haha.

But this tuesday was really cool. We had a training/conference with all the sisters in the mission. It was in Londrina. It was really cool being together with all of us. We learned a lot and want to start putting all the things into practice. I will admit it was really funny because there was like 20ish sisters and then 2 assistants (because they were giving training all day). Haha. Really funny because they felt a little out of place. But it was really cool.

Lets see....ya I ran out of things to talk about....but the work is going really well here in Londrina. And our mission is seeing A LOT of miracles happen.

The church is true....I love you all...and this week is going to be a week of miracles. For ALLLLLLLL of us!

Good luck with this week! Sorry this is so short! Next week Ill have a million of stories to tell! I promise Ill be focused next week!

-Sister Empey

My "Hump Day" party...I'm half way!!!

All the Sisters in our Mission at a Training Conference last week.  It was awesome!

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