Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Im getting transferred......AGAIN!!!!!!!

I think Heavenly Father is giving me EXACTLY what I dont like doing....packing up! I got transferred to Maringa. Its close to Londrina. Like 2 or 3 hrs away. But ya. Ive heard really good things about the area.  Some people have said that this area in Londrina that I'm leaving wasnt good for teaching, but really, I loved it a lot.  Its all about your attitude.

We had a baptism yesterday! Wahoo! It was really good! Ill send a picture. She is a sister to our recent convert and ya. It was reallllllly cool :) Sister Huinao and I was all good!

Lets see. Oh this week, my email will be based off of yesterday.

So we needed to go get our investigator and it was really far away. So we took a bus, but we had to wait forever because its sunday. Eventually we got to the terminal and then we took another bus but took the wrong bus and we didnt get to the house until 9:15. How annnnnnnoying! But we just laughed it off. And then we got to their house and only half of them went to church. And then we get to church and there was like 5 investigators in the church. Yay! I was suuuuper happy. And there was an inactive family in the church that was there tooooo! And we had a baptism yesterday. Wow...we were super excited and happy that day. And also our recent convert recieved the priesthood yesterday. Ya...super awesome. Seeing everyone in the church. It was sooo worth everything. It was like the best going away party we could have had :) It felt sooooo good!

Ya anyways. What else happened? I really dont know a whole lot more. Im just a little bit shocked that Im getting transferred....again....I really cant believe it. But the work goes on!

Oh remember that butterfly/moth thing that came into our house, ya this week we had a bird get in. This week was a little bit cold and I think the bird was it came into the house to warm um a little bit. Ya...really strange really. Haha but we were just waiting for the next thing...maybe a mouse or rat? Haha good thing we are leaving before we see that happen!
[Sister Tavares called our "butterfly" last week a Mariposa - which is Spanish for butterfly, or Portuguese for moth.]

Ok, I think Ill close up for this week and send a couple of pictures.
Secretly, it always feels good to know when people miss me haha. So secretly, I hope that people will miss me in this ward. Oh also...its changing for elders in this area again...
[Lori Carrell tells me her son Elder Josh Carrell, is moving into Sister Empey's old area (and apartment) in Londrina..knowing Sister Empey like I do, he'll find things VERY organized!)
Love you alll and have a fabulous weeeeek! Until next week!

-Sister Empey

ps:  last week Sister Empey needed a recipe to make homemade Karo syrup - which I sent her promptly.  They don't have Karo in Brazil.  She ended up making carmel popcorn for all of her district last week!  She said: "They looooooved it. They ate it soooo fast!" Sister Empey loves to make treats for the Elders - haha, she says they'll eat anything! :) 

Juliana, our baptism!



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