Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

So....I got transfered. You alllll know that.

But what you dont know is I actually stayed in Londrina for one more week. It was super cool. Because we had to switch houses, because elders were getting moved in our house in Centro Civico and the house in Aeroporto opened again for sisters. Which means I roamed around my first area again. It was super cool. I helped the sisters that will stay here to get acquainted with the area and stuff. And we visited some members. There was a couple that wanted me to stay. Until the point that they said they would call for Sister Tavares or Pres Tavares and complain to them that I should stay more than one week. Haha. But it was super fun and I liked it a ton. I got to see some people and stuff. Ya...and then the weekend was AWESOME!

Sister Jex-Landoe is a sister that is in Ibipora (the same stake as Aeroporto). So the whole stake goes to the same place to watch conference. Shes from Spokane. And obviously we wanted to watch in English. So we did a division and we were companions for general conference. Wahoo. Watched it in english. It felt so cool because I could undertand everything. BUT with that said, it was kind of funny because I couldnt understand English for like 3 minutes...then it clicked really fast :D

Anyways it was a like a party for a missionary standards haha!!!

I have to go...this week was super fast sorry! Next week...I will write from Maringa!!!

Love you all and have a fabulous weeeeeek!

-Sister Empey

a note:  [Sister Empey was VERY excited with the prospect of her younger sister having an opportunity to go on a mission right after she gets home in April from her mission...Sister Empey's words, "It would be the best thing in her life!  She would LOOOOOVE a mission!"  Sister Empey stayed the extra week in Londrina to finish up her physical therapy.  I asked her how her back pain was doing...and she said, " My back is the same doesnt change....."
 We will continue on in faith.  My prayers have changed now...not so much to have the pain taken away, but that she will have the ability to endure the pain that she has, so that she can continue to do the work she's been called to do.  Sister Empey is such an example of perseverance, patience, and long suffering (she endures it all without any complaint.  I'm not sure I could do that...)  She's excited to begin her work in Maringa, and she will be joining 3 other Sisters there]

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