Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

Hello family and friends,

Wow, what a week. A TON happened this week. So...for those of you dont know...actually I have no clue who doesnt know about my life...but its all good. Ive been having some serious back problems the last 7ish months. Finally it got to a point that we (President Tavares, Sister Tavares, the mission doctor, me) had to think real hard if I should stay in the mission and finish the 1year and a half, or I should come home early so it doesnt get worse. Well President fasted and decided, and Im coming home this week! Its been a whirlwind of emotions and feelings this week. Because this ward here was with me in the beginning, it was hard to explain everything time and time again...but I did it anyway.

And the bishop in this ward likes me a lot and so he asked me to bare my testimony at the beginning of the meeting yesterday. It was I think an OK testimony, but I wanted to thank everyone for all the help that they give the missionaries. It was sad to say goodbyes to everyone and everything. Like its something that I just LOVE to do..... . I tried to have a more thick skin you know? After 5 transfers youd think Id do better....but this one, going home, is going to be the hardest...........FOR SURE!

Also, we had a phone conference with all the sisters and with president and sister tavares. Talking about things specific for sisters. the end Sister Tavares announced that I was leaving and everything so all the sisters could say goodbye to me and say what they wanted for about hard. I didnt know it was possible to cry so often as I have these last 2 days. And I had to say goodbye to all the sister missionaries and bare my testimony. Sister Tavares said that she cried and even President cried! Ya..Im touching everyone everwhere I go!!!! Bahahahaha (Rach, I really did laugh this time...I had to, cuz this is hard)

Also, we had a couple of inactives go to church this sunday. It was super cool. One inactive member, he is 15 yrs old and he has some problems but really we have created a friendship with him and he came to church! We were super pumped that he came and he even took out his gages for church! He said that he wants to take them out for good :D

We also had an investigator in church too. She is a sweet lady and she loves hearing about the gospel. We marked her baptism for next sunday. Im super sad that Im going to miss it. But Im planning on keeping in contact with some people in the ward so Ill hear allllllll about it!

And now...the thing I hate the WORST!!!! Packing my dang bags! But...the good thing is that it doesnt matter, I can put however much weight I want and I wont get charged. Im actually dreading tomorrow. Saying goodbye to SAD! But what can I do?

What can we all do when things like this happen? When we have changes in our lives? The only peace that Ive found is looking to Heavenly Father. He loves us and wants to take REALLY good care of us. And He will. But He cant if we are focusing on doing this life on our own. We NEED all the help we can get from Him. So we put our trust in Him, and pray REALLY hard...and have faith...and then get moving.

I love this gospel and Im so grateful for everything that Heavenly Father has given me. And most importantly right now, Im grateful for Brazil and for this mission. But dont worry all of you....Im planning on finishing my last 6 months after I get healthy again :D :D 3 months of training and doing treatment and Ill be back in the field :D

Love you all and thank you all for the support and love you have given me!

-Sister Empey

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