Monday, August 20, 2012

A package from Sister Empey!

Last Monday we received a most wonderful package from Sister Empey!  When we first saw it, we were shocked that all the contents were there, because it was ripped and gaping open.  We knew from her letter inside that most, if not all of it, had made it's long journey clear from Brazil!  She had selected sandals for her sisters and me, and flip-flops for her Dad :)  She also included TONS of Brazilian candy that were some of her favorites, quite of few packages of Brazilian "koolaid", and a precious cd of pictures clear back from the beginning of her mission!!!  Here are just a few selected by me.  I hope you enjoy!
Sister Empey and friends.  I love this picture of her!  She's doing what she does best...loving people :)

Packages and letters from home!!!

 Sister Empey is always mentioning how she loves to cook and learn Brazilian dishes from the members!

All the homes have gated entrys.  When you want to enter, you clap your hands (instead of knocking on at the door)
For Sister Empey's birthday, we "inked" the little hands of two of her little nieces, and measured ribbon the length of their armspan...with a note saying they were sending a BIG HUG for her birthday!  She LOVED it!!!

Your guess is as good as mine...any ideas???

Sister Alisha Checketts and Sister Empey on a very rainy day :)

Ummm, not sure what this is...Maybe Sister Checketts knows?!  Maybe it's related to the picture of Sister Empey's leg below!

This picture disturbes me...both legs were the same!  Mosquitoes?

This is a beautiful view overlooking the city of Londrina

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