Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

Howdy all my family and friends.

How are you all this week?!!! Im doing just great in Brazil!

Im trying to be really creative with my email this week....but nothings comin... haha. This week was a good week. But we used up $26 R (thats money here) on traveling the city bus. We went to Londrina 5 out of 7 days this week! It was just a LITTLE bit annoying. But ya....poor Sister Bullen, the week was anything but normal for our normal schedule. She always asks what we are doing for the day because its always something different. Anyways we got a new district leader this week. And he shouts a lot on the phone. Our cell phone broke and its probably because its tired of him shouting. Its never bad...its just him being his excited self. Hes always asking if we are excited. Its kind of funny. ANYWAYS hes great and hes really excited to work! Word to the wise: as a mission leader (zone leader, assistant, district leader) its always better to be excited. Ya because we rode the bus sooo much, the bus driver knows us...ya how sad haha.

This week went by really fast. I feel like nothing happened of REAL importance. But I guess I can tell you all a sad story. One day this week, we got a phone call from the other sister missionaries. They needed help with a FHE because nobody was there and the family needed more people. And she said that there would be a bbq too so we should come and stuff. We were really far away...but for a BBQ of course we would go!!!! So we went....and we got there so late, we could only share a message and then leave to get home on we DIDNT get a BBQ. HOW SAD! I was super hungry too....for some good meat you know? Bah....maybe this week we will get something done :D

Also...we made a cake for our ward mission leader for Father´s Day because he was complaining saying that he has a son out on a mission and they should get a chance to call the dads on fathers day haha. [yesterday was the Brazilian holiday for Father's Day] Anyways....we made a cake for him and told him he was our dad here. Haha it was fun and he was really surprised.

Good times good times. You all have a fabulous week ok??!?!?!

Love you alllllll!
-Sister Empey
[I thought I'd pass on some fun info from Katelyn's companion Sister Bullen.  She seems to include "more" info than Katelyn it's nice to get a different take on Katelyn's happenings in Brazil - so these are Sister Bullen's words]
"Sister Empey and I along with Sister Gomez and Sister Passos were supposed to get back a little early to put up some decorations and get food together. But we had a really good lesson with a family that went longer that we had hoped. We have been trying to teach a daughter to a couple in our ward. The couple is married, and waiting to get sealed in the temple. But one of her daughters she has hope that she will be baptized, so she can be there too. So we´ve been trying to teach her, but can never catch her, or other things. But the Grandma who has previously not been interested or would leave the room when we were there, etc has started to really like us. So its been really neat to see how sometimes when one door isn´t open we have other opportunities. But anyways, we came by the house, and the only person at home was Grandma, but she not only invited us in, but we talked for a while. It was really good and she enjoyed talking to us. We even talked about how she loves fish and I talked about halibut and tried to explain the fish, but told her how big they can get, [Sister Bullen lives in Alaska] etc and it was fun. But while we were talking a couple of other family members came by and we had an opportunity to teach them too, so it was really good. When we left we walked into one of our investigators, [R]. It was the first time I had met him, because he has been really hard to get a hold of, and I think he just recently moved. But we met him along the high way walking home. And it was literally perfect timing, because of the directions that we were both going. But he is really cool and he knows this gospel is true and he and his wife want to get baptized but they have some things to work out first, so it was really neat to talk with him. So we ended up arriving at the house a little later than usual and rushing to get things ready, because the others were late too. So Sister Marques waited with Sister Moura at the gate and then downstairs while we finished getting things ready. But it was such a neat experience, because there were several moments that night where we had perfect timing, And it was so cool to see that no matter what you plan for, the Lord has a different plan in store. And even though we were late for Sister Moura, it was a good thing, because we were doing what we are supposed to be doing and talking to people that normally we don´t get to."

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