Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello family!

This week was a crazy one. I think I could just talk and talk about this week:) Lets see what I can get in in a short amount of time.

So I got transfered. I have a new companion, Sister Huniao. She is from Chile. And she has 4 months in the mission. She just finished being trained. Its been a learning experience for us so far, but its been good. Its actually really funny because I think of her as a Brazilian. Because in my mind, if shes not American, shes Brazilian! But I also forget that she has trouble with Portuguese still. Haha its actually really funny because she tries to say something and then she starts talking in spanish. And her Portuguese is REALLLY fast because she talks fast in Spanish. Haha its just really funny. Her accent is really fast. I forget that Spanish is hard too, to get translated to Portuguese. But shes still probably at where I was at when I had like 8 months in the mission. Oh...that was like 2 months  back....haha

So we opened a new area. And we moved into the house that was habited by elders.......enough said.....WOW...the house was SUPEEEERRR dirty. They left SO much stuff. They left so much stuff there that I called Sister Tavares to ask where we should put their clothes they left and stuff, and she got really mad. And sent the zone leaders to our house to take all the trash, clothes, and all other things and throw it away. And thats not all! Haha after that, she was mad enough that she took money out of the account of those elders that lived there before us and had someone come clean the house before we could live there. Haha it was really funny. But the house it great now! It will be a work in progress with the cleaning, and repairs that we will need to do. Ill give it until the end of the transfer. The end of the will be great. Ill send you all a picture of our view from our doorway next week. I havent taken the picture yet. :)

So we met some members this week. We live on the same street and actually really close to a member familly. And they have an ice cream shop. Free ice cream whenever we want. So much for losing weight.......And we also met another family that I just love. They live on the very edge of our ward. And they have a bit of rough land :) So it reminds me of home a little bit. The air is a little thinner...dirt exists :) Anyways its pretty cool. And the mom is always cooking something delicious. She loves us already! I can see why...those elders....haha jk. Anyways, she is my new mom in the mission. I love her. And she and her husband love talking to people about the gospel. She is the BEST member missionary. Shes already helped us with a family and will continue to do so. Shes given us a lot of references and already went to visit investigators with us. Ya...she pretty much rocks in the mission world :) Anyways.....ya...

We had lunch (you know like lunch that missionaries have with all the every day) with President and Sister Tavares. A little strange...but the food was SUPPPPPPEERRR good. It was great. It was cool just to sit in their house and just talk like they're normal members. Na....theyll never be just members to us haha. They're awesome.

Also, we had Stake Conference yesterday. Whoop whoop! I saw a lot of members from the first area where I served (same stake). It was awesome to talk to them and understand everything they said. Ya...time passes by really fast. I cant believe it was 6 months ago that I left that area. CARAZZZZY!
[Yea!!! When she was there last, she was fresh out in the mission field and couldn't understand anything! It is an incredible blessing how these missionaries pick up languages so very fast!]

Anyways....the 1hr is up.

Love you allll! Until next weeek. Hope this week will be a good week for all of you!!!

Sister Empey

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