Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6, 2012

Hello my loved ones!

And so...I would like to start off this week talking about the weather. Everyone was worried about me because they thought that it would be really cold during the winter....but really....Im dying right now of heat. It hasnt rained in almost a month here so its even hotter! Probably after it rains it will cool off for about 2 weeks. But wasnt all of what I expected. But Im greatful for it. Because its hard to walk in the cold. But then again, its hard to stay excited in the hot. So I decided Im never really happy haha.

But this week was a good week. We had a lot of fun. Guess what? I have a little bit of humor once and a while :D Crazy I know. But this week during lunch I said a couple of things and then one of the sisters that lives with us she laughed so hard she couldnt stop. Ya....Im even funny in portuguese....haha... SOMETIMES!

But lets see. We had a couple of really spiritual lessons with investigators this week. It was really good. Last night we had a FHE with a family that has dad thats not a member (yet) and a mom thats a returned missionary, and a daughter thats engaged to a nonmember. about stress in the family (especially for the mom). Anyways the lesson was super good and pretty much the whole family was crying by the end. Ya....we're good. :D

The more Im on a mission, the more I see the importance of our decisions. Seriously, how we need to be careful with the serious decisions in our life. And if we DONT use the Spirit and Heavenly Father in these decisions, its like, we are forgetting the most essential part and we most likely will be blinded with our own ideas of what WE think is right, and not what is actually the right decision for us.

Also. this sunday at church was a little crazy. We got a ton of references from members during church. And we also missed Relief Society because we were going after less actives for church, investigators, and all of it. Phew...and in the end...the investigators that went to church, were investigators that other people brought haha. Funny how that happens. But we really did all we could.

This week is going to be a REALLLY good week. I love mondays. Besides the obvious...that its P-Day...its a great day to sit back and think about how this next week will be. And make new goals and be ready for the upcoming week. But seriously. I know that if we try all we can, God will help us and we will see miracles in our lives.

This work is tough, I wont lie. And there are constant ups and downs (physically, emotionally, and mentally). But I know that its the work of the Lord and nothing can stand in its way. So we keep going and keep doing what we think we need to do...and what happens....happens because God needs it to happen.

Hope you all liked my letter today. Its a little bit longer today:D My next letter will be a little bit shorter because Ill be doing some other stuff for a baptism we are going to have (I dont know who it will be that we will help be baptized) but there is someone waiting!!!!!!!!!! And miracles happen every day!!!! Haha oh no! I think Ive turned into a geeky missionary! :)

Love you all! Have a fabulous weeeeeeek!

-Sister Empey

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